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All in week
with The Social Bungalow

Over 4 days and 5 nights

We’re going to map your program suite, plan the year, create stacked revenue, craft your launch plan, create a sales process, strategize an evergreen funnel, identify systems, optimize new or existing team, and put all of the tasks on the calendar… and more (not kidding).

This is for the CEO that’s ready to feel - and truly be - in total control of their business, income, growth, and time.

I’m all in

Tuesday /

Program Suite & Planning

Curriculum feedback presentation

Refining existing offers by uncovering additional profit-pockets

Executive decisions on what needs to be retired

Mapping out any shiny, new offers or packages

Planning your year using the proprietary A, B, C framework (live launches, manual / automatic sales, evergreen)

Establishing all payment strategies in order to revenue stack

Wednesday /

Marketing & sales

A = Mapping one live launch

B = Creating your lead lists, process, and sales funnel

C = One custom evergreen funnel designed for you

Establishing your optimal content cadence for omnipresence

Content interview process to extract best pieces for free resources, workshops, community trainings, UVP, your Instagram bio, your PR pitch topics, and more…

Thursday /

Systems, Team, Customer Excellence

Creating systems within your 5 main departments

Refining your current (or need for) a project management software, CRM, email marketing software, course hosting software, customer support, and more

Identifying your Power Zone, Competencies, and Drudgeries

Optimizing current team, identifying new hire or contractor needs, and best practices for all

Friday /

Timeline & Implementation

Starting with the big picture, we’re going to zoom out to ensure we’re working towards your 3 year vision – and establishing the rocks it will take to get there

Placing every A, B, C date on the calendar for the next year

Utilizing your marketing plan, we’ll do your income projections

Then work on a task-specifics to accomplish your milestones

Finally, end the week with time for implementation so that you can utilize me + the energy and feedback of the group to get started

Your heart’s fluttering, but your mind’s swirling? Let’s talk logistics.

1:1 Work Meets Mastermind Energy



Includes: Everything above, and…

Your stay for 5 nights (flight not included)
4 days of lunch and dinner (lunch is brought in while we’re working, dinner is out at one of Vegas’ delicious restaurants)
Photoshoot by Vogue photographer + concept ideation 
We’ll be hunkering down at Bungalow HQ in The Arts District Las Vegas, 3rd floor above Bungalow Coffee Co.
You will be picked up from your hotel each workday & dropped off each evening after dinner
(airport pickup and drop off not included)
Custom Lyft code with budget loaded for your airport trips and solo rides

Tell me more about this photoshoot…

Concept iteration and overall vision consultation with Shannon & Annalyse: Pinterest board collaboration, styling and outfits, location scouting, day-of direction and support in posing
Background & prop sourcing
3 scenes and 4 outfits
Hair dry-styling at salon
Shoot with Vogue published photographer
BTS photo + video shot on iPhone for hype content on your IG Stories
100+ images provided with color correction light editing with a 2 week turnaround

How do we begin?

With two 60 minute 1:1 calls in the weeks leading up to your arrival ($6,000 value) and connecting on Voxer for messaging support which continues for a month after your All In Week.

Upcoming All In Weeks

September 21-24th (1 spot available)
October 12-15th (sold out)



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