Whether you’re working on a side hustle, or in the thick of building your empire, I want to help you create a business that fuels your soul AND your bank account.

See, you’re already rocking your expertise. You just need someone to help structure your offering suite for big-picture profit, and create a marketing plan to support. 


Sounds simple, right? It can be when you have the right approach. 


Let me paint a picture of YOU once your business has a streamlined plan for success:

Sounds like a tropical beach with a mint mojito, ya feel me?

  • » You understand your audience
  • » You have full clarity and direction
  • » You have a step by step success plan
  • » You land your soulmate clients
  • » You increase your profits (not just revenue)
  • » You are the go-to expert in your space

Think of me as your business big sister
who’s done the figuring (sh)it out so you don’t have to!

What does working together look like? I am both your Business Coach and your Marketing Strategist..

I am here to look from the big vision perspective, map out the strategy, and provide steps for play-by-play execution.

Your core messaging, social media, lead generators, sales funnels, upsells & downsells, email sequencing, and how to sync them all up!?

Don’t worry, I gotchu girl. 

Tell me if this sounds like you?

  • » You have a PhD in Self Taught Biz 101 from “Opting Into Other’s Funnels To Figure Out How They’re Doing It” University.
  • » You want a trusted source to tell your dreams to, someone that just GETS IT, and can help you strategize how to get there.
  • » YOU, the business owner, are the only marketing person on your team and you are completely bogged down by these tasks (or freaked out by the idea of them!)
  • » You’re stressed about what-the-heck to post on Instagram today (Trust me, girl.. You’ve got bigger things to spend your energy on.)

The shift of investing in a coach to structure + strategize your business is THE fastest way to grow.

You need to be the visionary, the subject matter expert, your bucket needs to be full so you can show up for your clients.

I will pick up the mental load, see the gaps, and come to you and say,

“Here’s what your business looks like, and this is how we’re going to make you 6 figures.”

Let’s work together…


A 3 month transformative process that will leave you with more of what you’re craving – Structure to your business, irresistible offers, optimized income, an infallible marketing plan, automated systems, and easy 5 figure sales, monthly. Ready for your best year yet? APPLY HERE.


Are you ready to hone your message, attract YOUR people, and uplevel your sales? Uplevel & Ignite Group Coaching Program is an 8 week experience bringing you total business clarity. LEARN MORE.


These self-paced programs allow you to access my breakthrough business and marketing strategies, at a fraction of the cost. Currently Enrolling: Front Row Followers – Instagram Growth Challenge.

Are you feeling what I’m feeling?

schedule a call

How we’ll do it

  • » You will lay out alllll of the puzzle pieces of your business (or dream!) in front of me
  • » We will restructure your service offerings and program suite
  • » I will audit your existing lead generators and create a plan to 5x your warm leads
  • » Now let’s profit plan your 6 figure year (how many leads per month : conversion rate : closed clients : programs sold)

Then the fun stuff happens

  • » Create a custom marketing plan with a realistic timeline to reach your goals (it’s pretty amazing when you know exactly what you should be working on every day, right?)
  • » Now that we have our overarching marketing strategy, we create a repeatable launch plan for your upcoming initiatives. This will provide you with proven, scalable, big-picture cash spikes. Oh yeaaaah.

THEN we can work on those next visionary elements (I’m sure you have a podcast, or a membership site, or a keynote bursting inside of you).

See what others had to say:

“Shannon, the email sequence you helped me write spoke right to my client’s hearts and converted for my retreat after only the first email.”


Pia B.
Owner | Curate Well Co.

See what others had to say:

“I hired Shannon because I was L O S T in all of my ideas for my business and had no clear path from A to B. She has given me the tools I need to clearly define my famework, my ideal clients, where my marketing should be targeted, helped me build my website, enhance my social media presence with organic reach, MY NICHE, and now we are working on exactly how to implement the marketing we decided was the absolute best to reach my target audience. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.”

Summer M.
Owner of Summer at the Lake House

See what others had to say:

“Shannon has helped me transform years of trial and error into 90 days of efficient systems and processes for my business.”


Sarah T.
Coach | Owner

See what others had to say:

“Shannon, you have seriously helped me so much and it’s only been two sessions.”


Alyssa W.
Business Automation Expert

See what others had to say:

“Shannon spent two hours on the phone with me deep-diving into my business. She identified opportunities for 10x growth, created a strategic plan to accomplish goals, and then gave me my immediate next steps to remove obstacles before our project began. Her approach is so refreshing – direct, knowledgeable, supportive.”


Olivia G.
Owner of Holistic Harmony

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