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Interview & Speaking Topics

· How this entrepreneur scaled to $100k month with under 10k Instagram followers
· A story of struggle and success, building a 6 figure business from her 9-5
· How to practice self care as an entrepreneur
· How to launch and sell out your programs and services
· Craving massive passive income? How to turn your offers evergreen with ease

Official Bio

Shannon Lutz is the CEO of The Social Bungalow, and the go-to Marketing Strategist for female entrepreneurs devoted to making a purpose-driven impact, while earning a wildest-dreams income.
She said “peace out” to a 10-year corporate marketing career where she assisted in building multi-million-dollar businesses and marketing opportunities with A-List celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, and Kendra Wilkinson.  
Now, she uses this marketing-prowess to turn solopreneurs into 6 & 7 figure CEOs.
About the business:
The Social Bungalow is an online education space dedicated to helping women market their expertise and structure their business for big-picture profit.