+ 44 Suggestions That You Can Steal (Do iiiit!)


Formula: How to [X] That Gets You [Y]

  • How to Always Get Your To Do List Done
  • How to Set Up Your Workspace for Inspiration
  • How to Generate 3 Warm Leads Every Day
  • How to Prepare For Tax Season as an Entrepreneur
  • How to Turn Your Skills into a Profitable Business



[Large Number] to Produce [Epic Result]

  • 19 Essential Steps to Map Out Your Goals & Maximize Effectiveness in 2020
  • 13 Smart and Legal Ways to Save Money on Taxes
  • Sick of getting ghosted after discovery calls? Learn 13 Ways to Generate An Endless Supply of Hot, Qualified Leads
  • 37 Things Your Business Could Outsource to Save MASSIVE Amounts of Time
  • 15 Foolproof Ways to Give Yourself a Raise – A Step by Step Guide
  • 17 Things All First Time Business Owners Should Know
  • 46 Irresitible Call to Action Examples


[Tips & Tricks] Revealed

  • 10 Little Known Ways to Reduce Your Software Subscription Rates
  • The Top 7 Marketing Apps for Your Online Business (Hint: 3 of the Best are Free)
  • Irresistible Email Subject Lines That Convert
  • To Show or Not to Show Your Prices on the Your Site
  • Setting Boundaries: Email Etiquette for Handling Draining Clients
  • 5 Hacks to Put Your Creative Brain on Pause & Avoid Burn Out
  • 10 Must Have Tools for Every VA or OBM
  • SMM Archive: All My Best Tips, All in One Place
  • My Secret Stash of Amazing Online Sales for Entrepreneur Resources



[X] Lies About [Common Topic] or [Mention Threat] [Provide Solution] 

  • The Secret Ingredient to Cut (Major) Expenses When Running a Business
  • How to Increase Your Prices AND Your Close Rate
  • A Professional Way to Deal with Poor Reviews Online
  • Retreat Nightmare: A ‘Disaster Checklist’ To Review 2 Weeks Out From Retreat
  • 10 Ideas for Entrepreneur Moms to Keep the Kids Occupied During the Work Day
  • The Dangers of Not Working Out as an Entrepreneur: High Energy, Safe Workout Routines
  • Are You Making These 5 Fatal Mistakes When Setting Up Facebook Ads?
  • Be Prepared to be Shocked – Take the Instagram Engagement Apptitude Test Today. The Results May Surprise You



Get [Desired Result] in [Desired Timeframe]

  • Triple Your Instagram Following in 1 Month
  • Double Your Blog Traffic Month over Month – Starting Next Month
  • Get a 25% Boost On Your Click Through Rate in Just 2 Days
  • FREE Webinar: Learn the 5-Minute A Day Formula That Increased My Web Traffic by 647%
  • $83,000 in Debt: A Young Divorced Mother Tells How She Became Debt Free in 6-Months by Creating a Digital Course
  • Join a Mastermind: How 5 Creative Entrepreneurs Scaled Their Revenue in 30 Days
  • Find Your Inner Peace: 7 Yoga Poses in 7 Days for Desk Sitters



The [Strategy] that [People with Authority] Now Use

  • How Melyssa Griffin Really Got Over 50k Instagram Followers
  • Revealed: Jasmine Star’s #1 Instagram Conversion Tactic
  • Sales Funnels with Integrity: How Jenna Kutcher Takes You on a Digital “Shopping Spree”
  • How Etsy Shop Owners Are Now Making Over 110k in 6 Months
  • Resource Guide: The Top 5 Resources I Use to Dominate the Search Engines (Number 4 may Surprise You)
  • When Marie Forleo Plans a Last Minute Video Training, This is the Steps She Uses
  • 10 Years of Multi-Million Dollar Business: The Secret to Amy Porterfield’s Plan
  • Do You Know Why 76% of B2Bs Are Generating More Leads in Q3 of 2019?

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