Struggling to write Instagram captions and show up on your stories in a unique way?

There is nothing that makes you feel more accomplished… and WANT TO THROW YOUR LAPTOP AT THE WALL more than content batching.

Girl I see you, you’re not alone…

If you’re feeling like you’ve already done every tutorial, challenge, client result, audience question, podcast suggestion, account share, and blog post, then these ideas are for you.

First let’s get you in the right head space:

  1. What inspires/motivates your ideal client?
  2. What do they dislike about their current situation? What do they love?
  3. What would they “kill” to achieve, solve, or escape from?
  4. What do your clients not like about others/stigmas of your niche?
  5. What myths can you bust?

Always remember – you’re a consumer too.

What do you really resonate with on Instagram? VS what makes you skim past or roll your eyes? (we all do it.)


29 Content Ideas for Instagram Posts + Stories


  1. Share the story behind your brand / your mission
  2. Must have tools / apps to run your business
  3. 3 fun facts about yourself, ask them to do the same in the comments
  4. An idea / launch / program that failed + what you learned
  5. Promote a program / service (Hard selling regularly is important!)
  6. How do you stay motivated to reach your goals, how do you keep growing?
  7. The best advice you’ve ever received
  8. How your life or business has changed in the past year
  9. Thank your followers / introduce yourself
  10. How you create content each month
  11. Google interesting statistics in your niche and use to train on a topic you’re passionate about
  12. Productivity / time management tips as it applies to your client’s desires
  13. A lesson you learned from something ‘crazy’ you did in life
  14. Reframe a popular teaching for your industry, while still giving credit (ie Brene Brown’s Vulnerability Ted Talk – Your take as it pertains to XYZ niche)
  15. Share a struggle you recently overcame
  16. BTS look at how you coach / deliver your packages / complete services
  17. Favorite place to work / peek at your office
  18. Morning routine during week vs weekend
  19. Share a small win for that day
  20. Something you’re looking forward to (the next week, quarter, season)
  21. Latest book you’ve read
  22. Your day-to-day activities / something quirky you do
  23. Monday share your goals for the week, Friday recap how you did
  24. Let your client take over your stories for the day
  25. Use the question sticker to ask your audience how they found you
  26. Run an #AMA using the Question sticker (ask me anything)
  27. Work With Me Wednesday, Woman Supporting Women Wednesday, Wednesday Wisdom
  28. Tour of your website / how to work with you application process
  29. Introduce a loved one (pets included!)

I challenge you to pick 3 topics out of each category. Write it down, and just start free-writing (or typing) and see what comes out of you.

Tag me @TheSocialBungalow so I can see your content in action.

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