Helping female entrepreneurs market their expertise, and structure their business for big-picture profit.

Sound like something you’re ready for?

Pour a cup of coffee and stay awhile, we’re going to create the business of your dreams.

hi, I’M

The overly caffeinated owner of The Social Bungalow. I’m an expert at getting in the mind + heart of passion-driven entrepreneurs to help them add structure to their dreams.

I’m in the business of massive value and total transparency – If I know something, so will you. Think of me as your Business Big Sister that actually lets you borrow those studded Valentino pumps.


So, grab 1 of your 6 favorite notebooks because I’m spilling it all.

From my secrets to rapid Insta Growth, to Passive Income, to YOUR $10k Months… We’re gonna figure your biz out, fast.  

Why do I do it? Because I’ve been where you are, and I know what a toll entrepreneurship can take when you’re trying to figure it out by yourself.

If Rachel Hollis + Michelle Obama + Zac Efron had a love child, I think it’d be YOU, and I’m here to help you own that power.

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