Let me know if this sounds familiar…

》You’ve been running your business for some time now.

》You’ve had months that made you feel like Shaq (slam dunk, ya’all), and months that have made you question your sanity.

》You’ve had the “new-business-can’t-sleep” jitters and the “I need a mental (and physical) trip to Cabo” burnout.

》You’ve had soulmate clients, and those that you want to sing some Ari, “thank u, next” to.

But through all of it, you’ve had clarity. You’ve known your next steps. You’ve made it happen.

Then suddenly, one day, it creeps up on you… The dreaded question, “What now?”

If all of your usual tactics seem to have lost their luster, try one of these unique strategies:

  1.     Listen for Mentions of your Services on all Platforms

Take to Twitter, LinkedIn, other’s blog comments, people who “tried it” on Pinterest, forums, even Yahoo! answers (kidding about that last one, don’t do that to yourself.)

Do you see those questions that you know YOUR course or coaching could solve? Tell them about it! There’s nothing like adding value and providing a resource for next steps.

For example: Someone tweets about wanting a new #BMW. The local dealer responds to the tweet with a helpful video ‘for those considering investing in a BMW’ and invites them in to take a test drive.

For example: Someone posts on a Beach Body forum that they’re thinking about investing in an online weight loss membership, but they don’t know if they have the time. You swoop in and give them tips for time management and goal tracking + explain that your service includes these components so they never feel lost during their journey. Then ask if they are available tomorrow at 2pm for a call to discuss their weight loss goals.*

*Notice both examples end with an immediate call to action. Make the decision easy!

  1.     Look for People who are Unhappy with your Competitors

People may not always mention your competitor’s brand by the correct name.

Do multiple searches, look up abbreviations, or simple “industry” talk. Put together a list of words people may use to describe you, your industry, and your competitors then track conversation around those keywords. (Hint: Even set up a Google Alerts notification for the key terms.)

Now that you’ve found them, see who isn’t thrilled by your competitor’s services and reach out!

Note – We are all about businesses and entrepreneurs supporting one another #CollaborationOverCompetition. But for sake of a better “term” to describe those in your same niche offering similar services, I’m going with “competitor”, don’t be sensi.

  1.     Create Social Clout by Creating your own Influencer

Whaaaat does that mean?

It’s what you thought – Make up a persona to add life and humor to your brand! You can use your employees, use your clients, or even the @HelloFreshGuy.

Seriously, check him out. Brilliant campaign done by Hello Fresh.

  1.     Stay Micro in your Searches

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur who helps influencers find managers. You’re the middle (wo)man for maximum publicity!

Actually that sounds fun… Does anyone do that? Slide into my DMs @TheSocialBungalow, I’d love to interview you.

Instead of looking for those #InstagramBaddies with minimum 500k followers. Search for accounts with 10-50k followers that have the highest-quality engagement.

They are the next generation, will be extremely responsive, and have a TON of connections.

Tool: Check out People Map. They’re a database of influencers to help you find and contact individuals + create and track campaigns. It’s VERY cool.

  1.     Slide into ALL the DMs

Before you go on a crazy messaging binge and come across as that thirsty guy from Tinder (Does anyone even use Tinder anymore?) – Start by searching for your ideal client and following, liking, commenting on their posts.

Message them with a compliment or genuine question. You can make the first move! (Which would be called Bumble, or is it Hinge.. I’m out of the game.)

On the flip side, if someone leaves you a super detailed comment, take a moment to check them out and send them a DM to let them know how much you appreciated their time + love that you’re able to connect.

Easiest way to get into the DMs? Respond to their story. 

Bonus tip: Facebook groups – They’re a gold mine of information and connection. I have seen lifelong friendships and soulmate clients found in Facebook groups.

Which unique idea are you going to put into play?

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