Started from the bottom now we’re here

(kinda sorta)

I began my marketing career 11 years ago and fell in LOVE, The Notebook style. (Really, I think I’ll pass away old & grey clutching my Conversion Rate spreadsheet.)
This fueled my desire to climb the corporate ladder, get the corner office, earn the “big title”.
So, I spent the next decade doing just that.

You’re meant for more

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And ya know what? I looked out the window and felt controlled & 


*record scratch*

Is this where you’re mentally judging me for being an ungrateful little twit? Yeah, I know.
But sometimes “rock bottom” doesn’t look as desolate as we think it’s supposed to.
Have you ever felt like you’re going to crawl out of your skin if you keep living this groundhog day? That’s normal.
It’s your future tapping you on the shoulder saying,
“Hey… you’re meant for more, I need you to re-strategize what you’re doing.”

I listened & I


but not without planning


(c’mon, you know me well enough by now.)


01. //

I take my coffee black – I’m really into single origin pour overs, especially ethiopian. #bold&bougie

02. //

I have 3 dogs (and 4 vacuums) – their band name is “Dub & the Littles” catch them at your local venue Fall 2020.

03. //

When Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory album comes on I lose control of my faculties. That girl driving down the freeway screaming, “I’VE BECOME SO NUMB” yeah, that was me.

04. //

I read 3-4 mystery / thriller books per month. If the title begins with “The girl in the..” [woods, basement, window] I want it. #sendrecs

05. //

I’m certified in 3 different styles of hip hop dance, and used to teach classes at local studios (mini Marie Forleo?) Sure hope so.

05. //

I'm marrying my best friend on 4.3.21 (there’s going to be a bounce house)


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