What started as a love for plants, macrame, and helping others build close-knit communities online… became The Social Bungalow.

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Hey, I’m Shannon Lutz!

Your Digital Hypeman & Business Bestie… Pass the popcorn, let’s chat.

I’m a playful and fulfilled Business Coach + Marketing Strategist, founder, CEO, daughter, girlfriend, and dog mom.

But it hasn’t always been this way, in my past life I built brands, executed campaigns, and stressed about sales for the corporate world.

Companies ranging from Luxury Fitness Studios to a NY Times Bestselling Publisher, with client involvement ranging from ARod & JLo to L’Oreal.

That was amazing, but you know what I really wanted?



Here are the two things that got to me..


I could work, and work, aaand work, but was only able to make a fixed amount of money.


I KNEW what would help these businesses succeed, but there was always so much red tape to see the right strategy win.

So one day, my inner San Francisco nightclub came out to say, “Nuh-uh, Hunny.”

Please tell me you had this lightbulb moment too?

**Cue the trumpets**

The Social Bungalow was designed for people like us. Those with a business built from a burning passion to create, coach, and make a change for others.

Maybe you’re just starting, maybe you’ve been at this for awhile, but hear me:

No matter where you are, I have the step-by-step systems to take your business to the next level with strategic planning and relationship-centered marketing.

My passion is in helping you do it RIGHT this time.

Want to see what that looks like? Check THIS out.


Fun facts

I teach hip hop dance classes

I am a voracious reader

I have seen every shark thriller to ever be made

I’m a meal prep nut

I know every word to every song of both Queen & Linkin Park

I believe the earth is round…
too soon?

New here? Here are some of my faves:

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