We’re an oasis for people whose personal passions have become synonymous with their career ambitions.

What is the social bungalow?



Education + media company committed to making infinitely capable entrepreneurs become deeply profitable CEOs.


A mecca of modern-day-business answers that Google doesn’t know the trending phrases for.

The social bungalow was

Born on a bedrock of operating from radical care, championing other’s voices, and being a fishbowl of transparency.

“Being virtually surrounded by entrepreneurs who share your ethos and are casting a similar vision is enlivening - it provides raw capability.” 


Shannon Matson




Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Shannon Matson, Online Business Architect.

I spent the first decade of my career as a traditional-path-follower in the corporate world, holding titles such as National Director of Sales & Marketing for a fitness franchise and V.P. of Marketing for a global publishing company… until one day I said YES to a small freelance marketing opportunity, turned another, turned another. Before I knew it I was an 'entrepreneur'... and it was challenging. 

Recognizing a gap in entrepreneurial education, conversations and community, I set out to create what I needed:

Online education that saw the “we’ve always been doing it this way” model, and raised it with “never-before-seen" formulas for sustainable growth. 

An online community of people working to bring about their vision, and also DMing the most relatable TikToks to each other (balance!)

& in a society that lives in notification-inundation, creating content that was worth the reader's time, every time.

Now you can come visit the physical embodiment

at Bungalow Coffee + Bungalow HQ in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. Come and stay awhile, we can’t wait to welcome you home.

Bungalow Coffee

Meet the team

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Ryan Matson

Chief Operating Officer

Hi, I’m Ryan, the official idea-sounding-board of TSB.
Coming from the commercial construction industry, managing 70 million dollar contracts up and down the Las Vegas Strip allowed me to take Shannon’s ideas and our client’s dreams and put method to that magic. I help balance the books, create a wicked spreadsheet (even though Shannon keeps pulling me into ClickUp), and run logistics for expansion plans.
I’m forever grateful for that fateful, “That’s it.. I’m ready to leave corporate” phone call, and to have supported Shannon along this journey – to the point of leaving my current career path to forge a new legacy together.
You can catch me sipping a single-origin pour over at Bungalow Coffee or holding my own in a rowdy conversation on one of our international retreats. 

Annalyse Cordon

Media Manager

After earning my B.S. in Marketing from Menlo College in the heart of the Silicon Valley tech world, I took the "let's try it all" route. Between my time in luxury hospitality, working in the influencer world, & attending NY Fashion Week as an online retail buyer- while simultaneously working with entrepreneurs who needed the right creative concepts to stand out- I have a few chapters of my autobiography written.

My whirlwind of experience pushed me to want my hands on all things innovation. Creative directing photoshoots, brain dumping my "could this go viral?" ideas, and creating content that touches the human on the other side of the screen are just a few of my favorite things!

When on "Do Not Disturb" mode, find me making Tik Tok's about my favorite hotels & testing out new photoshop tricks!

Tiffany Magner

Project Manager

Rhosabelle Ocampo

Customer Service & Systems

Hi I’m Tiffany, resident Project Manager, cinnamon latte drinker, and cabernet lover. Like many, I come from the corporate world in which I’ve held various positions of General Manager, Executive VP, and Director of Sales, working with start-ups to Pepsi-Co and everything in between. With a primary focus of strategic & operational planning, I was the key client liaison facilitating numerous projects from inception to completion, and ensuring client objectives were met and exceeded.

Taking this experience and using it for internal TSB vision integration + client project management (I hope that I get to help streamline YOUR deliverables soon!) it’s so refreshing to be with an amazing company championing entrepreneurs.

Depending on the time of day, you can find me ever-searching for that next great keto recipe, and dreaming of becoming a digital nomad in Aruba!

I’m Rhosabelle, the customer service & systems gal who challenges every idea made by humans (yes, an enneagram 8, I am *whips out lightsaber to increase coolness factor). 

Although I came from the retail & corporate online marketing world, like every filipina, my grandma poured oil on my belly to cure my stomach ache, all while manifesting my future medical career. But, one day, I got rid of the ancestral bottle and decided to go after my dream. Off to the online space I went! 

Now, I happily label myself as The Social Bungalow team member who is ‘obsessed with SOP’s, has to be the first to teach a new software update, and works to make sure everyone is treated with radical care. 

If you can't find me hanging out in the Bungalow, I’m probably taking a cycle class, watching a Stand-Up comedy special, sniffing book pages in a bookstore, or watching a Friends episode for the 324th time.