A framework to create magnetizing digital content that continuously nurtures your audience through your online platforms.


Inside the Bundle, you will…

Identify your content pillars and walk away with 45+ content topics immediately
Meet the 4 personas in your audience
Learn the 3 types of content and how to leverage each in your business
Master the framework to write your content
Know how to create your content cadence (yup, know how often and what time to hit publish)

Not only will you learn how to craft irresistible content, but you will receive resources that will help you implement as soon as you get your hands on this program. 

Avoiding the task at hand (i.e – switching focus to do something else “productive” like clean the house or scrolling Instagram for inspo that turns into overwhelm because you feel like every idea has already been done)...

Wasting time trying to make sense of those 27 sticky notes and middle-of-the-night ideas that ended up not being as groundbreaking as you would have hoped… 

Losing momentum and coming back with another, “I’m back!” email or post just to do it again after a few weeks…

I can write my own content without questioning the who, what, where, when, why, and how?

I can create gripping content that my audience engages and connects with in LESS time?

I can consistently produce content without falling off my audience’s radar all while generating DM’s from ideal clients that say, “Can you tell me more about your program”?

Do you want to create magnetic content without…


100%! And I’m going to show you how.

And I can use one formula for multiple content pieces?!

GET STARTED WITH the bingeworthy bundle

“I am going through and WOW! This helps so much! Thank you for breaking down each step so clearly and giving us these exact formulas. I'm having so much fun filling out my caption planning worksheet, trying to hurry because I'm excited for the next step, haha. You're a genius and I'm telling everyone I know that they need you!!!”

CHANTELLE, Spiritual Mentor

You’d build a strong online presence and become the go-to authority in your niche
You’d sell easily through any platform you create bingeworthy content for which means…

The kind of content that…


What would happen if you created valuable content for your audience on repeat?

Increasing Your Income + Scaling Your Business

Left your audience thinking, “Is she a mind reader?”
Had your followers seeking out your profile to see if you posted anything new
Gives your audience the confidence, education, and resources they need to achieve their goals

“When you say ‘platforms’... Do you mean more than just one?!”

Yup! You can use the bingeworthy frameworks and formulas for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Emails, Blogs, and Video Scripts – It’s your call! 

You no longer need 50 mini-courses to learn how to nurture your prospects through their buyer’s journey. 

“How does this really work?”

By systematically crafting content for various platforms, you create what I like to call a sticky content web, which speeds up the know, like, and trust factors, so your audience is continuously intrigued and curious to learn more. 

And you’ll be able to create your own Sticky Content Web with the bingeworthy formula.


A bundled pack of our signature content creation calendars, formulas and written-for-you captions.



The Bingeworthy Bundle

Create A Conversion-Driven Customer Journey

✅   Dive head first into content strategies that have you walking away with knowing exactly what to say in your content to take your customer from "finding you" to "buying from you" quickly

Step 1

Step 2

Unleash The Power Of Content Pillars

✅  Access the unique and timeless approach to crafting pillars that actually grow, nurture, and convert FOR you

✅  Access the process that will help you craft scroll-stopping headlines (easily!) and map gripping topics that get a TON of engagement

Step 3

Unlock the Bingeworthy System

✅ Understand the 4 buyer personas within your audience and what to do to inspire action within all of them, in every piece of content

✅ Access the most effective content posting cadence so you can batch a month's worth of content (in only a few hours)

✅ Learn how to write CTA’s that make your ideal clients slide into the DM’s asking, “Ok, that recent post 🔥 tell me more about your program..?”

Step one? Nailing your content. 

Wait, Shan… Just to be clear… 

I DON’T have to obsess over my content and stay strapped to my desk to not miss out on a client opportunity…?

*reaches through screen & virtually shakes you*


It's time to become absolutely bingeworthy


Implementing a proven framework.

What’s the difference between “good” and “bingeworthy” content?

And what do you get when you combine a proven framework with strategy? 

“Who should I be talking to?”
“What should I tell my audience today?”
“When should I send this out?”
“Why do they need to know this?”
“How do I even say this?!”

If you’ve ever asked yourself… 


Customer Journey Worksheet 

Map out the ins and outs of who you’re talking to and how to get their attention, so they start and end their journey with you. 

Content Pillar Worksheet 

Pull from a plethora of content topics, so you spend less time spinning your wheels and more time actually creating content.

Content Cadence Worksheet

Never have to worry about when to post again, so that you can have more space and time to build connections with your community. 

“Become Viral” Framework 


Learn the framework that gets more eyes on your content, so you can grow your audience with "ready to invest" leads. 

You’re not alone. 

The resistance to create content is a direct correlation to your strategy and not your inability to craft something worthy of reading (& loving) – because you can, and I’m going to show you how. 

Not only will you learn how to craft irresistible content, but you will receive resources that will help you implement as soon as you get your hands on this program. 

30 DFY content pieces, so you never start from scratch. 

30-Days DFY Graphics, saving you time and space

You’ll get both plug and play and in action examples to pull from for educational, viral, and promotional style content. 

Ready-to-use visual assets designed to captivate your audience and encourage engagement.

Everything is done-for-you, get started immediately, and get your audience raising (both) their hands in the comments, DMs, and applications just through your high-quality written content.

Nope, we’re not done yet. You will also get…

Bonus Training:
Make $2k In A Day With Hand Raiser Captions

Bonus Resource:
High Ticket Pitch Caption

In this training we're covering exactly what to do each day to get your hottest leads to jump off the fence and join your offer quickly.

Dive into proven techniques that turn your content into a high-converting powerhouse, with just one caption.

Once you put The Bingeworthy Bundle into play


…And these are the results you’ll experience.

Hey! I’m Shannon, 
go-to Online Business + Marketing Strategist for entrepreneurs 
ready to make big- picture profit + impact.



I said “peace out” to a 10-year corporate marketing career to pursue my passion of helping entrepreneurs market their expertise.

Before I said, “Smell ya later, nerd” to my V.P. of Marketing title, I had the honor of:

Becoming a certified Copywriter
Writing a weekly marketing article for Forbes & Entrepreneur.com
Working with L’Oreal, Access Hollywood, and The Ellen Degeneres Show
With marketing access to Kendra Wilkinson, Alex Rodriguez, and Jennifer Lopez 

…And now, I want to give you copy-paste access to my methods + formulas. 

Hey! I’m Shannon,  Owner of The Social Bungalow & go-to Business Strategist for online entrepreneurs 
ready to make BIG 
picture profit.

This program is designed to teach how to master the written word of content for your various platforms, so you save time and create magnetic content that engages and connects your audience.

If you do not find this program helpful within 14 days, email me and I'll send you a full refund. I just ask that you can show that you put in the work. Deal?

And if you’re on the fence, I’ve got you covered with

The 14-Day “Business Changing” Guarantee or Your Money Back!


A’s to your Q’s

Will The Bingeworthy Bundle (TBB) Work for my niche? 

YEP! If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to nurture your audience in their buyer’s journey, then it’s exactly what you need. The bingeworthy formula is made up of your content pillars, audience personas, and content cadence that can be applicable to any niche. 

What happens once I purchase? 

You’ll be emailed access to your online dashboard where you will get immediate access to every resource and training in order to create bingeworthy content on repeat.

Everything you will have access to: 

4 In-Depth Bingeworthy Formula Modules 
Customer Journey Worksheet 
Content Pillar Worksheet
Content Cadence Worksheet
90-Day Calendar
60 DFY Content Pieces 

Is there a guarantee?

You know it! 

The 14-Day “Business Changing” Guarantee or Your Money Back!

This program is designed to teach how to master the written word of content for your various platforms, so you save time and create magnetic content that engages and connects your audience.

If you do not find this program helpful within 14 days, email me and I'll send you a full refund. I just ask that you can show that you put in the work. Deal?

Ditch content


The bingeworthy bundle is a proven system that will keep  your content captivating, your schedule flexible, and your feed fresh so you can create an audience of raving fans.

I'm Ready to be bingeworthy

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