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What if sales could feel easy? What if they could feel (dare I say it) exciting?

When you decided to dive into entrepreneurship, you came in with a variety of skills, and I’ll bet you had to add quite a few along the way… You’ve had to become the lead prospector, appointment setter, and closer… 

And that’s on top of every other hat you’ve had to put on since starting your business.

But to ensure you have a profitable and sustainable business… sales are a big part of making it happen (and yes, it’s possible to step outside your comfort zone, and I’m going to show you how).

But first, I’ve got one more hat for you to try on.

Put on your sales hat and imagine if…

You consistently showed up to sell because you knew exactly what to say, how to say it, and how it will benefit your audience. 
You had sales pouring in because your leads felt in total alignment with your offers. 
Selling felt like a smooth & genuine conversation rather than feeling awkward and uncomfortable. 
You already had systems in place that set up your pitch, so you could go in and invite the lead to purchase instead of feeling like a hard-close-seller.
You had a clear understanding of relationship and buyer psychology to be more fluent and empowered in directing the conversation.

The skill of selling transcends many platforms…

Sell in your content? Done. 
Sell on Instagram through stories? Check. 
Sell in the Instagram DMs? All set.
Launch your offer and close more sales? You got it. 
Create more conversions in your funnels? It’s a done deal. 

Sales(wo)manship will help you in every single aspect of your business.

When you become a confident salesperson, you can use it across any arena you choose. If you want to… 

But… How can you get better at sales?

You’ve heard a lot of advice thrown around, and you’re not sure what to listen to because you absolutely do not want to feel slimy.
You’re a creative, not a salesperson, so how does this thing even work?!
You’re using different strategies left and right, but none of them are sticking or feel aligned with your values.
People are selling something similar to you, so how are you supposed to stand out?

If selling is a constant battle, then it could be for a variety of reasons… 

Are you ready to sophisticate your sales strategy?

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Let’s pull the curtain back and take a peek inside HTSS…

Learning the importance of the “Trust Building Commitment Ladder”
Creating the perfect pitch
Executing flawless sales
Make sure no leads get left behind by lead listing
Understanding sales tactics that work specifically for the online space

AND it doesn’t end there, you will receive resources that will help you implement all of the above as soon as you get your hands on this program. 

Sales doesn’t have to be hard, or exhausting. It can feel natural, and like a total 'high'

When you approach sales from a relationship-driven lens, focusing on the kind of BIG + REAL change and transformation you and your premium offers can provide for your audience- sales no longer feel… as one might say, “salesy.” 

It’s TOTALLY possible to build strong, authentic relationships and close a deal right in your DMs, but before you get too far ahead of yourself, we need to spend some time upfront making sure you’re prepared to serve up the ultimate value for each and every person that finds their way into your inbox. 

A high-ticket sales playbook that teaches entrepreneurs like you the missing piece in your sales strategy so you can expand your profit and become the sales master of your business.



High Ticket Sales System


We’ll start off by getting a handle on setting you up for success before, during, and after your sales conversations (be that a sales call, DM voice memo, or custom Loom video.)

— Learn how to write your unique value proposition so you can clearly communicate your premium offer’s unique value & why it matters to your ideal client
— Swipe my sales call scripts so you can feel confident knowing how to direct the convo for a successful close before you even hit ‘dial’ or 'record'
— Plus, objection handlers (because it’s bound to happen from time to time) so you can know exactly how to navigate specific, common objections your people may have

Step 1

Step 2


Let’s take the overwhelm out of the application & sales funnel processes with my easy, swipeable systems. You’ll learn how to write your applications and optimize sales funnels in a way that’s designed to bring in the right people (& tell their friends!)

— Learn how to build a 60-minute intensive application to make sure you’re attracting the right people & repelling the wrong ones
— Get the optimal high-ticket sales funnel & learn the multiple ways you can nurture potential clients into paying clients
— See real examples of DM convos, easy & actionable CTAs, how to identify ‘nos’ in disguise, & how to direct the convo to be more relationship-driven 

Step 3


Your sales messaging will be different depending on the platform, program you're pitching, & the goal behind that program. You’ll learn the ins & outs of how to craft all kinds of sales messaging so you can master your sales on allllll of the platforms.

— Learn the Reality, Results & Obstacles, and Objections formula & how to apply it to your ideal client’s needs, wants, & current life sitch
— See real examples of how to optimally write different kinds of sales content, including long-form, short-form, & persuasive copywriting for repeatable, successful conversions
— Get the 411 on the many different sales tactics you can utilize in your biz & how to seamlessly implement them into your content calendar for converting warm leads to actual buyers

Step 4


Let’s put these strategies & tactics into practice! In our final lesson together, you’ll learn how to specifically market & sell premium group programs, create hype to build your waitlist, & build buyer personas to know how to best serve your different types of ideal clients.

— Steal my proven 3-phase approach to selling your group program with ease (& without crickets)
— Get the step-by-step processes & rationale for establishing your promo schedule, private inviting, following up, & incentives for waitlist & group programs
— Learn how to sell & create content for different buyer personas so you can understand how they respond best & feel most seen

So how can you be absolutely sure HTSS is for you?

You’ve got a service, course, program, group, mastermind (an expertise-based offer or service) you want to sell to your audience.
You don’t just want to learn how to sell one offer, you want to learn how to sell ALL of them – from entry to high ticket offers.
You want to be able to translate your sales skills to reflect your client journey, so your audience can upgrade to each of your offers. 
You want to have a deep understanding of what sophisticated sales tactics actually are & how to make quick shifts in your strategy as needed. 
You want to learn how to execute a sales strategy that is undeniably authentic to your brand and your goals (maybe even easy & enjoyable?!)
You want to toss the “hustle to sell” cycle, so you can get out of feast-or-famine mode and show up undistracted and at ease. 
You’re ready to overcome the roadblocks, so you can build a legacy worth raving about. 

Sophisticated sales make sure you continue to experience growth and don’t hit a stagnant point in your business.

Authentic relationships, to be specific—no fake-niceties or awkward “I love your content! I’ve got something for you…” messages.

When you learn and implement the purposeful and relationship-driven sales strategies covered in HTSS, you’ll forget you ever got used to being ghosted in the DMs. 

With this set of proven sales strategies and tactics at your fingertips, each and every lead that comes through your sales process will never forget the reason why they were attracted to you + your offers in the first place.

HTSS was built to give true understanding of what sales tactics actually are, when to make quick shifts in your strategy as needed, and how to do it seamlessly.


What most sales courses fail to recognize and teach you is what really should be at the core of your strategy… relationships.

“I've learned more from Shannon and her courses in the last two years than I've learned from paying over $50,000 for other business coaches. I gravitated towards Shannon stuff, because it is ‘build this business your way, here are the tools, but you're still building it how you want to. And I'm giving you the practical things you need to show you how to do that.”


Went from freelancer to full time business owner. 
Found High Ticket Sales System and Sophisticated CEO Suite™ and learned how to 
 - Convert & retain high ticket clients
 - Facilitated a $235,000 launch for the client!!

How Meredith Turned Her Freelancing into Successful Online Business, Sold a High Ticket Client and Facilitated a $235,000 Launch for Her

Read below for the full journey and to hear from Meredith...

Meredith Farr is an Online Business Manager who has been running her own business for over 10 years. 

After 7 years of freelancing, Meredith decided to turn her business into an LLC, in the process of doing so, she found Shannon. 

Meredith began following Shannon when she was still in the early stages of her own business. Shannon had just 3,000 Instagram followers and was starting to build traction in the online space, but Meredith resonated with the way Shannon taught and how she provided a 0 fluff content mind. 

“When I started following Shannon, I think she had like, less than 3k followers. It was super early on. (OG!)”

Meredith began purchasing courses, and she was impressed by how much Shannon overdelivered on every single thing she created. 

“Even the marketing doesn't live up to the hype of what is inside. Which is why I'm like a course addict for it. I’ve bought Amy Porterfield courses, I bought other stuff like that, and it's never delivered at the level that Shannon delivers.”

From Freelancer to Established CEO

Amongst Meredith's Bungalow purchases, was High Ticket Sales System and the program was instrumental in helping her easily convert and retain high-quality clients. 
“I was following all of her marketing stuff. So emails, the hype, breaking it down. I was just watching the process of it. And I remember reaching out to her saying, ‘Hey, I have a feeling you're probably gonna make this process into a course, and I want to let you know that you can just take my money now, and we don't have to see anything.’ It was because of the brilliance. It had nothing to do with any of the marketing on the courses themselves. It's everything that she does to deliver for everyone that she serves before they even pay to get something from her that is what sells me.”

Additionally, using a mix of strategies inside High Ticket Sales System & Live Launch Academy, Meredith was able to help her client achieve a $235,000 dollar launch. 

"...Just take my money now." - meredith

In case you’re new here… I’m Shannon! 

The go-to online business strategist for creating, building, and scaling sophisticated online businesses. You can also refer to me as your selling scientist. ;) 

But in my past life, I was a big-dreams girl living in a corporate world.

I spent the first 10 years of my career in corporate marketing. I learned a lot from my days as National Director of Sales & Marketing for a major fitness franchise - I was being flown from studio to studio across the country with the sales playbook I built from scratch in tow. Asked to train each city’s team on closing the deal & majorly upping their quotas.

Fast forward to becoming an online business owner, I saw sales resources for online entrepreneurs, but the tactics felt disingenuous... 

Hey! I’m Shannon,  Owner of The Social Bungalow & go-to Marketing Coach for female entrepreneurs 
ready to makeBIG 
picture profit.

Let me help you refine your selling process, so you can get your offers to as many people as possible. 
That’s the beauty of combining your expertise with sales strategy. 

This is the same system that helped…

Expertise? Check! But now… 

Plus… it doesn’t hurt to be able to experience direct and tangible results (& a return on your investment)

In fact, if you're anything like our students you could be making 3-5x your investment back in just 14 days after implementing the strategies inside of HTSS.

I'm IN

And just in case you need a reminder of what you’re getting inside HTSS: 

Sales Call Manual 

Designed to help you walk through the trust building, the discovery, the transition, and the closing phase of your sales calls.

Video Sales Letter Script 

A plug-and-play template that helps you create, film, and nail your VSL, so your audience confidently *clicks* your CTA.

DM Proactive Outreach + Reactive Response Scripts

Crafted to walk your prospects from seamless Instagram conversations to the point of sale.

Objection Handling Playbook

This playbook will give you line-by-line scripts for overcoming the 5 most common objections.

Sales Call Structure 

Designed for you to visually map out the pathway of your unique sales calls.

Lead Pipeline Spreadsheet

Track your leads from cold to hot with relevance to each of your unique offers.

Offer Pitch Worksheet 

Create your individual pitches for each of your offers with this plug-and-play worksheet. 

DFY Canva Templates from High Moon Studio™

Change these templates to your brand colors, and you’ve got slides for your unique mechanism already.

A’s to your Q’s

Is there a guarantee with high ticket sales system?

Yes! The 14-Day “Business Changing” Guarantee or Your Money Back!

Using a service-first approach, High Ticket Sales System provides the tools you need to truly listen to your audience’s needs and ask the deeper questions, so you can guide them with complete confidence into your offers. You’re getting the how to’s, so you can put it into action right away. You’ll have scripts for sales calls, Instagram DMs, and VSLs (Video Sales Letters) at your disposal. It’s your complete playbook to sales mastery. 

If you do not find this program helpful within 14 days, email me and I'll send you a full refund. I just ask that you can show that you put in the work. Deal?

Like the absolute MASTER of your sales
At ease as you consistently sell out your premium offers
Confident that there’s ALWAYS more room to grow
Fulfilled & over the moon knowing you’re serving your people better than ever before!


You Could Feel...

You can have alllllll the sales skills in the world, but if you’re inconsistent with your sales strategy, then you’ve have a recurring uphill battle to climb every time there are spots to fill.

Totally lost in your sales strategy
Frustrated by your inconsistent sales
Worried that you’ve tapped out the current audience you have
Unfulfilled & disappointed at not being able to reach + serve more people


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