Let’s Define The Relationship




· Take your audience on an epic ‘growth path’
· Increase lifetime value of each client
· Pick ALL money up off the table

The result: You know what’s coming in your business and can increase your month-over-month income to 5 figures, and beyond.

1. Pick your focus
2. Pick your container

The Focus

Focus 1: Create your strategic offer suite

· Create an organic brand campaign
· Place A & B launch dates on the calendar for max profit and min stress
· Design memorable & high-converting tactics

The result: A strategy that brings effortless client attraction and creates wild demand for you + your offers.

Focus 2: Craft a high-converting marketing plan

· Ensure that your self-study offer is highly scalable
· Create smart funnels to nurture & convert (on the backend) 
· Stop trading time for dollars (heads up – if you’re a coach or service provider ‘doing’ the work, you WILL hit a financial ceiling)

The result: You have more – More time, money, and influence, which creates space for you to focus on further automating, delegating, and elevating your business.

Focus 3: Add recurring profit to your bottom line




o Recorded video session (+ replay)
o High-level custom plan 

The Container

60 minute session

o Recorded video session (+ replay)
o High-level, custom plan 
o Templates & swipe files to support you
o + 1 week Voxer

90 minute intensive

*All 3 focuses; payment plans available
o 4 hour strategy sesh 
o High-level, custom plan 
o Templates & swipe files to support you
o Dinner & drinks together
o 1 night in 4 star hotel
 * Roundtrip flight not included

Vegas vip day







Working with Shannon absolutely revolutionized my business.
Between her attention to detail, deep support, and unique marketing strategies (that will blow your mind) I went from struggling to pay my rent, to $20k net profit just 30 days into working with her.
Since that month, I have NEVER dipped under a minimum $25k per month, AND I run a $500k business (+ growing). Investing in Shannon was my turning point, she’s the only biz & marketing expert I trust.

Julia Piccoli

I can't thank Shannon enough for the guidance and wisdom she shared during our strategy session. The clever marketing ideas and in tune advice she gave helped me align my launch and pack the waitlist with over 50 people for my group coaching program. If you have been considering an investment in working with her - DO IT! She shows up for you and your success!

dre fox