How to Craft an Online
Workshop That Creates 
             Demand For Your Offer


have a small audience)

are introverted)

have never hosted a workshop before)

have hosted a live event before but it flopped)

don’t have a PhD in curriculum creation)

are a chronic over-deliverer)

struggle to know how much to give away for free)

are nervous about going LIVE)

get the “sales scaries”)

don’t feel tech savvy enough)

don’t have a ton of time)


This FREE ultra-supportive, step-by-step challenge will get your offer snapped up by ideal clients using an online workshop to WOW + SELL.


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Turning your expertise into a highly-attended free workshop can be simple & feel natural

And using it to warm & convert your launch leads faster! 

This helpful 5-day challenge will walk you through exactly how to structure a workshop that gets your best-fit leads in attendance, participating in the chat, and asking for the link to join DURING the workshop.

Riddle me this - When it comes to live launching your offer, you’ve probably heard a LOT about needing a live event, but NOT a lot about how to build one from scratch, right? So I made this 5 day challenge for you to walk into your launch ramp up with confidence & excitement. 

Join me to get the exact *proven* step-by-step process for fully mapping out your online workshop’s topic & curriculum

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Whether understanding ‘how much to give away for free’ has been holding you back, you’re not sure which topic to pick for your workshop, or you’re feeling nervous about going live… 

The Agenda For Our FREE Step-By-Step Challenge

DAY 05

Access one 10-minute exercise to outline a workshop that’s SO good, you’ll have leads adding your event to their calendar, starring your emails, & counting down the minutes until the workshop begins.

day 5

How to select the most magnetizing title for your workshop, with examples & options, so naming the event + getting tons of opt-ins becomes an absolute breeze.

day 2

In the first 5 minutes of day 2 you’ll unlock the strategies we use to instantly hook an audience + hold their attention for the entire event. (This is the secret method those successful entrepreneurs are *actually* using to sell out their offers during a launch).

day 3

Easily reveal the layout of your workshop’s educational section to provide value to your leads while planting demand for your offer (and you might be shocked to hear how LITTLE time it actually takes to map this out).

day 4

Uncover the one strategy I’ve NEVER taught LIVE that helps you seamlessly transition from educating >> to talking about your offer - this approach keeps your focus off of “selling” and instead puts you squarely in your zone-of-genius (while still seeing those “TAKE MY MONEY!” messages roll into the chat!)

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can do for your business

Here’s what a well-built workshop

I’m Shannon

After 60+ workshops, over 2,500 students, and $2.4 million from live launch revenue in just a few years, I can confidently say - when your launch has a quality workshop event, your conversion rate increases GREATLY.


your new strategy-obsessed, launching-can-be-easy-and-fun-I-swearsies friend

Launching is the BEST way to add a cash infusion to your business… but to hit that infusion, you need a STRATEGIC entry point to grow + prime your audience. 

I’ve helped hundreds of students achieve multi-5 and 6-figure launches (yup, in one week, people are making over $100k), and refine not only a concrete strategy, but strategies that are malleable to your unique niche and goals.

My goal for you? After this free challenge, you’ll never say the words, “I’m overwhelmed by launching” again. Stick with me… I’ll help you take a big bite out of your launch content creation by crafting an online workshop that inspires & converts.

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