Remember when you desperately wanted 
exactly what you have NOW in your business?

Pretty wild to think back to that moment, isn’t it?

But answer me this…
is this where you stop?
Or is it time to see what’s REALLY possible for you + your biz?

I’m not ready to stop

The fact that you’re here tells me you might be looking for more.

And if I know you, then I’m willing to bet that you’re not one to hit the brakes too soon—you’re the kind of person who’s curious to see just how fast and far this thing (your biz) can go.


You’re an accomplished entrepreneur because you’ve ALWAYS had big, bold visions for your life. You’re not one to settle for anything short of WILDLY in demand.

And you’ve definitely gotten a taste of it… to a degree, anyway. You’ve expanded your offer suite, and your people LOVE your programs, courses, and services, (they’re probably selling like hotcakes), but it’s become A LOT to keep up with. Like, a lot. Enough so that maybe things are even falling through the cracks? Which you HATE.

you know me

Even with that being the case, you still can’t help but feel squirrely, like “There’s MORE for me out there”?

But how can there POSSIBLY be more you want to do when you’re already spinning at least one too many plates as it is. (Apparently your business became a carnival without warning…)

Despite the craziness happening inside of your business (and your brain), there’s still lots of BIG ideas running through your head. But honestly? The thought of just how BIG some of these ideas are—and how much you’re becoming obsessed with these big ideas—is starting to pre-emptively stress you out a little bit. Or maybe a lotta bit… 

Because 1) How the heck are you supposed to figure out a clear path to move the needle forward? And 2) Can you realistically even manage ANOTHER thing right now? A year from now? FIVE years from now?

ok mind reader

I get it. You’re not afraid to take risks, but we’re talking CALCULATED risks.

You’re ready to start an agency, launch a product-based arm of your biz, open brick & mortar, land a book deal, launch a non-profit, retire your partner… maybe even become a liquid millionaire.

You’re smart enough to know that with the current state of your biz - to pursue this BIG dream of yours would not be calculated at all. It’d flat-out be a bad decision. (You’re the one thinking it… I’m just the one who said it!)


But that doesn’t mean it CAN’T happen for you… we just need to get a few things in check first.

Like your business is a juggling act at a carnival

A little resentful of your current biz and clients because they're keeping you overwhelmed 

Totally lost trying to figure out how to take the next step forward to accomplish your latest + greatest vision (+ already dreading the new wave of burnout)


Like your business is a well-oiled machine

Calm, cool and excited working in + on your biz

A wave of clarity knowing exactly what steps need to be taken to move the needle forward & successfully managing your online biz without burnout on the horizon


But don’t just take my word for it!
Check out this hype.

Pssstt… Here’s a little secret. Taking that next big step in your biz probably isn’t as out of reach as you may think it is. AND, it is possible to expand without running yourself (and your current biz) into the ground.

let's do it


Business Expansion Blueprint 

— BEB for short —

The ultimate business blueprint for ambitious entrepreneurs like you who are looking for the structure, clarity, & direction you need to expand beyond the ‘now’ of your business.

(Because if anyone has an untamable vision for the future, it’s YOU.)

Expand my biz now

“Honestly, all of your stuff has been incredible. I’ve taken so many 
courses in the past & so many ‘educators’ just fluff you up. You never 
hold back & share so much, it’s a standard of excellence others should strive to embody. Thanks for making our industry better!”


Despite what you may have heard…

You’re not limited by your current “niche” or “bubble.” And even if you were, you likely wouldn’t take that advice anyway, because you’re clearly ready to expand beyond the ‘NOW’ of your business.

BUT—you also know that you have to (and want to) get your sh*t together to make that actually, realistically happen.

We can create a strategic expansion plan for your business, and who knows, a year from now you could be opening a coffee and co-working shop… y’know, like how we were about to open Bungalow Coffee by following the BEB system! 

If you’re here, then you probably know me as your go-to gal for all things marketing, business structure, content creation, relationship-building, launching, and multiple beverage drinking. (And, let me tell ya, coffee is always one of those multiple bevs!)

It’s always been my mission to help ambitious entrepreneurs own their brilliance, build a business for scale, and become wildly in demand with their people. And truthfully, I’m really good at it! But as much as this work lights me up, I’m someone who’s almost always thirsty for more (pun intended).

Yep, it’s true. I was able to expand my biz beyond the online space thanks to THIS very blueprint.


My partner Ryan and I have always been big into coffee—so much so that we decided to open our very own shop, Bungalow Coffee, in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District… right across from where we got engaged!

So many of my family members, friends, and clients have asked me, “Shannon, where have you found the TIME?!”

My answer: Because I’m a unicorn. (Gross, I’m kidding)
The REAL answer? The method to the madness that is Business Expansion Blueprint.


Get beb now

Consider BEB your degree in online business development.

Say no more, I’m in

This course will show you what’s possible beyond your current + new endeavors. After these three, in-depth phases, you’ll gain the structure, clarity, and direction you need to expand your business, your way.

Here’s what we’ll cover inside of BEB

Intro: Establishing Your Just Cause

From the great Simon Sinek, we’ll set our intentions right away by establishing our Just Cause, which is linked to our WHY, our noble purpose for being. But whereas our ‘why’ comes from our past, our Just Cause is our WHY projected into the future—aka, exactly where we want to go and plan for.

Lesson 1: Year Planning & Income Projections

Mapping out the year ahead (launches, enrollments, content, etc.) and knowing how to accurately project your income is the key to feeling in control of your biz—not the other way around. This is the first step in setting you up for a smart + successful biz expansion process.

• Establishing your live launches, passive income, high ticket sales, and expansion revenue for the year
• Identifying operating expenses, team, fixed and variable expenses - and establishing a profit plan
• How to Income Project accurately with an execution plan in mind 

Lesson 2: Business Planning & Hiring

Next, we’ll move right into the business development side of things—y’know, the thing you know you desperately need but couldn’t make time for… ‘til now. I’ll teach you everything that goes into developing your business plan and understanding your hiring needs so you can free up the time + space for you to tackle new ventures in your life and biz with more confidence and ease.

• Strategizing + upleveling your current biz development plan
• Creating an org chart, job descriptions and KPIs
• Hiring 101: most needed roles, where to find team members, training for success, and more

Lesson 3: Systems Time!

What good is a plan if you don’t have the systems to put it into place? (Hint: it’s good for nothin’). We’ll wrap up BEB by diving into my proven systems and strategies that will put your plan in motion to streamline + expand your business. That is what you’re here for after all, yeah?

• Defining the “departments” in your very own business
• Optimizing + organizing your tech systems (ClickUp, CRM, Inbox Management, Gdrive organization, and more!)
• How to Create Effective SOPs so your business isn't reliant on you (AKA no more bottlenecks!)

And the best part? The BEB method is something you can use over & over again as you think up new, must-pursue dreams in your biz.

Once you’ve got BEB in your back pocket, you’re set ‘til retirement and beyond. I developed BEB to be lather-rinse-repeat style, so you can continue to expand and grow in your biz and life like a pro.

Everything I teach you inside of BEB (systems, strategies, methods, how many bevvies to have on your desk at one time) is everything I used to expand my title beyond Online Business Architect and take my dreams to another level as Coffee Shop Owner and CEO of two businesses. And the best part? I’m learning new skills every day, tapping into my passions, making more money without scrambling like a mad woman to make it all work.

Get the blueprint


Wondering if BEB is for you? It might be a great fit if… 

You want to experience consistent growth + success in your biz, but feel like you’ve plateaued in your current online biz

You’re ready to expand beyond the NOW of your biz + step into new legs of your biz, or new ventures altogether

You know it’s time to get your sh*t together in your biz, so you feel in control and in the know of what’s going on beyond your realm of work (what do your employees actually do all day?)

You thrive within structure + crave a plan of execution to delegate and implement, so you can maybe kick up your feet + relax once in a while

You know every word to Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory album, with a black coffee pour-over in hand, and 
have ALL the murder mystery book recs to share (Can you tell I'm using BEB as a biz-besties matchmaking service for myself?)


What’s the true cost of expanding your reach to a more profitable business + fulfilling life?


3 Payments of


Pay in full (BAM!)

Buy course

Buy course



There’s NOBODY who can do what you do in the way you do it, and you should have access to all the options you need to continue to do your thing and grow to expansive heights.

Beyond your biz, this is an investment in your LIFE. What kind of life do you want to lead? What legacy do you want to impart? So much greatness is right at your fingertips, and there’s nothing I want more than to help you get there.

One final reminder couldn’t hurt anyone. In case you forgot, here’s what BEB will do for you…

Get the blueprint

It’ll guide you toward building the structure you need for your current biz + future endeavors

It’ll give you the clarity you’re craving to know exactly what needs to be done, when, & how to make your crazy dreams not seem so crazy

It’ll provide you with the direction you’re looking for to move the needle forward to expand beyond the ‘now’ of your business

It’ll teach you how to master-plan your quarterly launches, revamp infrastructure, & meet or beat your revenue goals so you never feel stale in your biz

It’ll allow you the freedom & know-how to pursue your wildest dreams in your business and life (that you once never thought possible)

Are you willing to miss out on your next biggest dream (& the one after that) by NOT joining BEB?

Call me cliche, but I had to ask.

I have no doubt that there are lots of new, exciting possibilities waiting for you—inside and outside of your business.

BUT, the only way you can feasibly get there (without running yourself into the ground) is to get your business (as it is RIGHT NOW) in check.

Meaning, it’s running smooth as butter, and you know the exact process of HOW to achieve that next big thing in your biz, no matter what you have your sights set on.

And the best part is, the BEB strategies and methods are yours to use for life, whenever and whatever your next big venture might be.

Are you ready to take this ONE shot, ONE opportunity, and seize the moment to step into the next level of your biz and expand beyond the ‘now’?

Let's make Eminem proud.

It's time to do this thing


3 Payments of


Pay in full (BAM!)

Buy course

Buy course



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