What if you could make small-but-mighty tweaks to your business TODAY that created an immediate windfall of opportunity + income?

this is what I want

Business Expansion Blueprint is the proven online business modeling program for entrepreneurs ready to remaster their offer + service suite, outline a year plan that STICKS, and make more while working less.

Updated for the modern online landscape.

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Hey, service providers, coaches, consultants, and creators… 

How many times have you slammed the breaks on your momentum in order to restructure your offer suite

(AKA your vision, projections, revenue, time, systems, and team.)

…without looking at your company from a holistic stance first?

You keep heading back to the whiteboard to develop *new* offers and services, but you’re unsure if you’re structuring them the best way…

As an entrepreneur, you’re a natural visionary, but sometimes all the BIG VISIONS and QUICK IMPLEMENTATIONS can cause confusion with your audience. And it can lead to diluted + competing offers, overstuffed with unnecessary additions.

(Hint: That’s a fast track to scope creep + decreased profit margins)

“Am I including enough in this offer, or should I add another call?”

“How much do I charge for my VIP Day?”

“My competitor is charging $X so I’m going to include more + charge less, and scoop up the market!”

This lack of clarity keeps you “winging it” month to month and makes it pretty dang impossible to create a sustainable plan for growth.

You can’t truly build your year’s sales plan, supporting systems, or a long-term team when you’re unsure if you’ll even be offering the same thing in six months — let alone properly promote and sell those (everchanging) offers + services. 

Fall In Love With Your Business Again

Business Expansion                  will help you:


Each step inside this program will help your business gain momentum over time — the simplest setup, rooted in your audience’s needs and desires, will create the largest outcome for your expansion. 

Create upsell and downsell opportunities within your offer suite, so you no longer leave money on the table

Hold onto more of your time by understanding the power of a simple business

Plan for the year in full, so if you want to carve 3 months out of the year for creation (& vacation), you can finally do it

Create and exceed your income goals (and know exactly how much cash you need saved so “slow seasons” never get in the way)

Implement systems and processes that allow you to enjoy what you’ve built because automations are an advantage 

Hire support to help bring you to levels you’ve never imagined before

This is your fast track to remastering your infrastructure — even if it’s just a few key modifications that are currently bogging you down.

These small, but paramount changes are how you can explode your growth to match your vision — which you’ll finally gain steadfast clarity on (so much so, it’ll almost feel like your offers just fell out of your brain) 😉


Business Expansion Blueprint is the bedrock you need for accelerated growth.

This is your proven blueprint to remaster your suite of offers + services with a long-term plan that sticks (no more shiny object syndrome). This is how you *finally* make more while working less. 

"Seriously I want to scream! I don’t need to go to college for an MBA because I’ve got Business Expansion Blueprint."

— Nastasya, VIVE & VIVE Foundation

"I’m learning SO much. My Executive Assistant and I are remodeling the practice into a corporation, one that affords me the ability to step fully into CEO. Because, let me tell you, over the past 5 years I hired quickly, gave these new team members ownership of systems & client processes, and ended up finding they weren’t great fits (the heartbreaking way). 

Now, with the support of BEB as our ‘training grounds’, we’re set up to WIN internally + in how we serve our people. This is the sh*t I’ve been wanting to know!” 

"Creative freedom but still having a structure"


“I am someone that has a lot of elements that I like to wing, and I think the biggest takeaway from learning from Shannon was leaving room for creative freedom but still having a structure and a clear vision of where things are going in the short and long term.”

Everything you want to achieve in business starts with a solid & defying foundation.

(Because thinking, "Hmm, what do I do this afternoon? I think everything's taken care of! Let me take my [favorite person] to lunch." shouldn't be a far-off fantasy.)

BEB allows you to zero in on everything you need to run a streamlined business from vision, offers, revenue, hiring, automations, and systems. It is your tried and true blueprint to achieving your BIG goals MUCH sooner. 

Selling with those BIG eye-widening “I can’t believe it!” numbers? You need to master your services and offer suite first.

Taking home a sweet paycheck, maxing out your 401(k), and paying yourself a dreamy end-of-year bonus? You need to know your numbers.

Finally achieving “working less and making more?” You need to know your long-term vision so you can automate + delegate accordingly.

Here's What's Inside of Business Expansion Blueprint

Unlock the 8 Step Expansion Framework

Step 1: 

Uncover the Secrets to a 100 Million Dollar Mindset

Instead of adding more, it’s time to become intentional about leaning everything out. 

No more comparison-itis or imposter syndrome, it’s time to say “yes” to ONLY needle-moving opportunities that light you up.

Set yourself up for prosperous growth by putting your blinders on and doing the work, so you reap the time (+ cash) benefits. 

Step 2: 

Renew your 3-Year Vision for Rapid Results (Now)

must see content

Industry examples of highly impactful core values to help you whittle down your “all the values!” list to a powerful 4-6 principles.

Once you digest a simple vs heavy business in a way that clicks + sticks…

You’ll define your core values as your guiding light for hiring key team members and taking on best-fit clients only.

This is how you’ll speed up your results with a clear UVP to effectively cut through the competitive noise, stand out, and sell more easily than ever

This module includes a highly intuitive spreadsheet that makes planning your BIG moves + clear standards EASY. With prompts for the company, clients & CEO and done-for-you positioning statements, you’ll leave this module with total clarity on who you are and how to communicate it.

Resource Included:

Step 3:

Hook Your Clients with a Bingeable Offer Suite 

must see content

The antidote to changing your offers every 6 months, or constantly tweaking them is: Defining Your Specialty Focuses. Found exclusively within this module, Specialty Focuses will help you master mixing passive & active offers for maximum time + profit. 

Before you create your profitable suite, you need to break down each offer into 3 front-facing packages utilizing… 

Learner profiles, neurodiversity, and accessibility

The 4S’s of offer design to map every needed deliverable, and exclude time-consuming fluff to create a simplified, specific, and results-packed offer, to help YOU sell effortlessly and get THEM an ROI stat.   

These super-charged worksheets will help outline your offers' purposes ROOTED in your client’s true needs, plus design all of the “stuff” within those packages (without over/under doing it) to create an industry-leading suite with a waitlist a quarter-long.  

ResourceS Included:

Step 4:

Package + Present Your Offers In A “Must Add To Cart” Way

Now that you have independent offers fleshed out, it’s time to turn them into a no-brainer suite that has clients automatically investing in your valuable ladder by…

Establishing Secret Menu of Upsells & Downsells, so you increase your average order value (AOV) and never lose the sale. 

Create a sales plan to include launching, passive income funnels, and high ticket selling in a thoughtful, profitable, time-saving way. 

must see content

An example chart to increase your AOV with two upsells and a downsell (even for VIP days or DFY packages). If you’ve wondered how you make sure your order bumps are purchased, you need this lesson. 

This module provides SIX done-for-you year plans. All you have to do is design your 3 offers + secret menu, plug them into your DFY year plans, and BAM a fully planned out 2023. 

ResourceS Included:

Step 5:

Uplevel Your Profit, Salary & Business Investments

Let’s add some money to the mix, shall we? You’ll meet our proprietary financial flywheel, made uniquely for online businesses with expertise-based offers… 

First, you’ll figure out your salary, starting with your personal expenses then add in your location-specific taxes to calculate a salary that feels good, and is immediately attainable!

Next, you’ll price your services and offers + secret menu items for PROFIT! And then back up the year plan with specific numbers and timing to make it all happen.

Followed by your spending and GROWTH PLAN! Want the new brand, to hire a Director of Marketing, and to invest in that mastermind program? Check ✔️

must see content

Uncover the secret cash corners of your business and add them as additional revenue streams. Then turn these into ACCURATE projections with EXACT units to sell per offer + secret menu + additional revenue streams PER MONTH (*swoon* I may faint, catch me in your pile of cash).

I can’t even express to you how drool-worthy this spreadsheet is! You’ll never question your pricing again, and can walk confidently into ANY sales convo. (And yes, it includes tiered pricing options, a membership waterfall plan, and DIY, DWY, DFY % breakdowns.)

Resource Included:

Step 6:

Harness Systems to Streamline + Expand Your Opportunities

Systems can feel like a big, intangible mob of to-do's... where do you stop creating SOPs, KPI's, Zaps? SOS! This module makes it all easy breezy.

Efficient & streamlined systems that live within the 5 departments of your business - admin, operations, marketing & sales, clients & programs, and growth
& vision.

Court Lazar, CEO of SystemsUp, is co-leading this module to help you build out (and optimize) your project management software as the perfect complement to making your vision, offers, year plan, revenue, marketing, and client fulfillment HAPPEN!

must see content

Ready to allow yourself to work on your next BIG move and not be stuck in the muck of day-to-day ops? You’ll learn how to set up automations & Zaps with ease so you can automate workflows + processes without waking up at 2AM wondering if you attached the contract to that proposal, or hit “schedule” on that email. 

11 done-for-you ClickUp templates designed after the BEB teachings, so you can 'make a copy' and begin project managing your vision, offer suite, sales plan, client + program mgmt, content creation, & more - immediately.

Resource Included:

Step 7:

Catapult your Company with your Most Valuable Hire

must see content

Your Dream Team Org Chart breakdown + builder to structure your business with intentionality that allows you to work on projects in your power zone, automate those take-it-or-leave-it tasks, and delegate your drudgeries. Procrastination & bottlenecking? Never met her.

With these freshly organized tasks (see also: newly DUMPED fluff) + streamlined operations, let's identify your Org Chart.

We’re mapping your 3-year team > 2-year team > 1-year team > and then most viable first (or next) hire within this first year.

Once you identify this person, we’ll cross reference those revenue projections to find the timeline that makes sense to bring this team member on. 

Then we’ll talk about HOW to hire with job board suggestions, job descriptions, interview training, making the offer, training + onboarding, and performance reviews.  

This module includes ALL of the hiring resources you need! DFY job descriptions & posting boards, assessment builder, interview scripts, performance review, exit interviews, & more.

ResourceS Included:

Step 8:

Detail Your Next 12 Months with Goals, Dates & KPIs

Wooo! You did it! You have your big vision + offer suite + year plan + revenue specifics + systems + new team member(s)!

Now, let’s put specific dates on the calendar for the next quarter + beyond to ensure you know your KPIs, key goals, and focuses. 

This is your new to-do list that’s not too packed, yet ultra-productive, and brings in rapid results as you expand your business sustainably! 

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Enroll today and receive all these revolutionary resources to take the guesswork out of scaling:

“Hey Shan, can you remind me of the worksheets + done-for-you assets inside BEB?” 


Task & Team Org Chart Builder 

Structure your dream team to support the company's vision so you can catapult forward while working LESS 

11 ClickUp Templates 

Copy + paste directly into your workspace! These templates are built off of all the work you’re already doing in BEB, they’re perfect complements to making your vision, offers, year plan, revenue, marketing, and client fulfillment HAPPEN


Offer Design Worktable 

Take your specialty focuses and visually map out every element of your offers + service packages: From the style, size, support level, and resources so you can reach MAX profitability


Core Vision, Values, and Focus Worksheet

A plug-and-play worksheet to create and define your company's values, so you stay the course, no matter what shiny object comes your way


Step-by-Step Systems Trainings 

Map out your annual sales plans - from cash-infusion launches, to BTS sales, evergreen funnels, & high-ticket VIPs - we've also included 6 pre-done sales plans for you!



Hiring Worksheets & Templates 

Or 6 installments of $279

Revenue Roadmap Spreadsheet 

This is the holy grail, most drool-worthy robust spreadsheet to confidently price your offers + sell, pay yourself, and reinvest back in your business with total clarity + confidence



Offer Presentation Worksheet 

Determine your entry-to-anchor offers based on your client's lifecycle + uncover the business model that's right for you from these 3 proprietary layouts made uniquely for online businesses


Client Lifecycle Analysis

Create your client lifecycle by mapping your offer + services into a stackable suites that creates repeat purchases regularly

Year Planning Visual Worktable 


Quick-hit list of the impactful resources inside of the Systems module: Marketing & sales systems, task management, team training, client onboarding, program management, offboarding, time tracking, meeting guidelines, SOP creation, optimized CEO calendar, GDrive org flow, file naming, inbox management, + Slack, Zoom, Acuity, Zapier best practices & setup

It’s all waiting for you inside of Business Expansion Blueprint

GET ACCESS - $1497

Writing job descriptions can be painful, this makes it so much easier with worksheets on writing your job descriptions, a pre-interview assessment builder, questions and scripts for interviews, and a hiring grading system

Here are *just* 10 of the resources you'll access inside of Business Expansion Blueprint

Keep BEB out of your course graveyard and get the most out of each and every module with the exclusive accountability & connection community.

(You’ll get an all-access pass to the Business Expansion Sprint Challenge to guide you through your curriculum consumption with some fun incentives!)

*Value of $500 included for free

(Total value: $897+ included for FREE)


Insider Access to The Social Bungalow Course Community


This is your executive roundtable with Shannon (CEO) and Ryan (COO) to help with company culture and performance conversations. 

& three bonus resources are YOURS for the scaling:
1. Which KPIs to Track
2. Annual Performance Review Form
3. Weighted Bonus Plans for Employees 

*Value of $397 included for free

Executive's Masterclass

Inside Your
Business Expansion 

Bonus Stack


  • How to attract the right people to your group + strategic application questions
  • Making it FUN, creating trust & friendships, becoming *the* mastermind
  • All things calls - Amount, length, curriculum, time zones, guest experts, replay access
  • Hosting a once-in-a-lifetime retreat, activities, dining, shopping, budgeting


Plus this *VIP* pay-in-full bonus

a BONUS on-demand masterclass to teach you how to host a mastermind & retreat that breeds massive results and fosters deep relationships.


Unlock BEB Now

Student revenue attributed to BEB

Business Expansion Blueprint is the foundation for building your lucrative business

IF You want more money + need more time — this is your answer. 

- those are all achievements our students make regularly, but it stems from the bedrock of this program. 

This is how you assure you’re not going to burn out in the next year, and you’re not going to make some money, spend it, and plateau. 

Instead of living in constant feast-and-famine mode, you’ll plan your entire year so you can achieve what you desire based on your vision and values first. 

Hitting $50k cash months, making 5-figures in evergreen sales,and selling out group programs



Payment Plan

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🔥 PAY IN FULL BONUS:  Pay-in-full and receive the Mastermind Masterclass: Your guide to structuring a mastermind and hosting a retreat that breeds massive results + deep relationships.

Get it now for just: 


Get it now for just: 

$279 x 6 

Lifetime access to over 65+ lessons
21+ plug-and-play resources
BONUS: The Course Community
BONUS:  The Executives Masterclass


Lifetime access to over 65+ lessons
21+ plug-and-play resources
BONUS: The Course Community
BONUS:  The Executives Masterclass

Lifetime access to over 65+ lessons
21+ plug-and-play resources
BONUS: The Course Community
BONUS:  The Executives Masterclass


Using the proven blueprint of BEB, these “it doesn’t seem real” results came to be:

Online businesses are supercharged by simple changes — the strategies inside BEB are uniquely designed for entrepreneurs with expertise-based offers + services, B2B or B2C. 

Warning: your mind will be BLOWN in this course —in the best way possible.


Wondering if this is the right program for you? Click “join now” if you… 

Know you’re SO close to having your offer suite and business running like a well-oiled machine, but you can’t pinpoint the tweaks you need to make 

Feel “stuck” in your growth, unsure what needs to be done next to move the business forward

Are ready to move beyond planning week by week or month by month, and step into year planning to truly set your company’s vision in motion

Thrive within structure, but haven’t set your systems up properly or know when is the right time to outsource and delegate

Desire a new arm of your business and need the exact roadmap to move into expansion mode for your multi-passionate dreams 

Want to lean into your strengths and build a team of doers, so you can let go of the tasks that don’t bring you Marie-Kondo joy


I’m obsessed with BIG picture profit moves, and helping online entrepreneurs have a deeply thorough understanding of the strategy behind the unstoppable growth of their businesses.

Fun facts: I built a 7-figure business in two years and have mentored over 2,500 students to build their own 6-7 figure businesses (& can’t wait to help YOU do so inside BEB!)

For the decade prior to starting The Social Bungalow®, I was a Marketing Director in the corporate world. I worked in the health & wellness field, publishing industry (helping authors market their books), boutique fashion, and a fitness franchise (which gave me access to ARod, JLo, and Kendra Wilkinson).

Business Expansion Blueprint will help you sell more, make more, and create a concrete plan that STICKS so you can truly step into your CEO role to supercharge your growth rate. 

Meet your Online Business Architect, Shannon

Hi, I’m Shannon, and I’m committed to helping ambitious entrepreneurs create sophisticated businesses that are highly profitable!


This cohesive program is designed to give you clarity on your business infrastructure as a whole. If you do not find this program helpful within 14 days, email me at hello@thesocialbungalow.com, and I'll send you a full refund.

I just ask that you can show that you put in the work. Deal?

The 14-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Here’s a little secret:

Whether you’ve been in business a short while or you’re a total mogul…

There is always room to make improvements, so when you’re ready to take big, next steps… you can do it as seamlessly as possible (without running yourself and your current business into the ground). 

BEB will make you STRETCH to… five, four, three, two, one Leggo! (watch me) Level up, level up, level up, level up, level up.

Lingering Questions?

Business Expansion Blueprint is a self-study program complete with 68 lessons of video trainings, worksheets, done-for-you resources, + written PDF transcriptions of each lesson. You are immensely supported with this master-planned curriculum!


If you’ve been in business for around 3-6 months and already have your skills understood, you're ready! 

This isn’t for individuals who are still establishing what they want to sell, setting up an LLC, don't have an early understanding of their audience’s needs, and aren’t ready for the nitty-gritty of transitioning into a high-performing business. 

If you know what you’re good at + who you can serve with this expertise, then BEB is perfect for you. Together we’ll structure those skills into services + offers that serve your best-fit clients at every stage of their growth.


Sent via email, you will get access to the full course immediately and your invitation link to join The Social Bungalow Course Community.


Absolutely! You can select the 6-month payment plan option at checkout.


No worries! We’ll take care of you with our 14-day money back guarantee. 

This cohesive program is designed to give you clarity on your business infrastructure as a whole. If you do not find this program helpful within 14 days, email me at hello@thesocialbungalow.com, and I'll send you a full refund. 

I just ask that you can show that you put in the work. Deal?


The community will be  granted to you via email upon purchase. The Executive's Masterclass will be found within your BEB product in Kajabi.  If you pay in full - you will receive a separate product for the Mastermind Masterclass! 

How do I get access to the bonuses?

BEB is going to help you zoom out on your business so you can laser focus in on what you truly want, and have the clear roadmap to achieve it. 

This is the real deal to gettng what you want:

So I've been buying courses and courses and courses for such a long time. 


"Name anyone, and I probably have their courses because I've been trying to launch my small business for such a long time, since 2012. And I just never did it because I was high in corporate and afraid to throw away my career. And it wasn't until I found The Social Bungalow and Shannon’s programs that I said, ‘Okay, she speaks my language, this is the real deal, and I can actually learn, and it’s not all just fluff.’”

I mean, just see what our students are saying… 👇

Walk away from BEB with a remastered offer + service suite, a detailed yearly plan that STICKS, and the project management, systems, and hiring strategy to support you as you execute.



Payment Plan

🔥 Pay in Full & Save! 🔥


🔥 PAY IN FULL BONUS:  Pay-in-full and receive the Mastermind Masterclass: Your guide to structuring a mastermind and hosting a retreat that breeds massive results + deep relationships.

Get it now for just: 


Get it now for just: 

$279 x 6 

Lifetime access to over 65+ lessons
21+ plug-and-play resources
BONUS: The Course Community
BONUS:  The Executives Masterclass


Lifetime access to over 65+ lessons
21+ plug-and-play resources
BONUS: The Course Community
BONUS:  The Executives Masterclass

Lifetime access to over 65+ lessons
21+ plug-and-play resources
BONUS: The Course Community
BONUS:  The Executives Masterclass


next steps for success

It’s time to take what you’ve built and put it ALL into action! With this optimized infrastructure you (& your team) will be checking things off your to-do lists FAR faster.

No more two steps forward, one step back. It’s time to summit the mountain you’ve been climbing (and take on an even bigger one).

The best part? When you want to chase your next big project expand into an agency, create an eCom line, begin blog-flipping… BEB will be your ongoing ‘training grounds’ for all of your entrepreneurial pursuits.

Or, ya know, take an extended European vacation and send me a selfie from the Acropolis. Whatever YOU want is now possible.

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