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❌ I don’t have to dreadddd content creation?

❌ My ideas won’t disappear the moment I sit down to write?

❌ AND I can stop spending 3 hours on ONE caption just to overthink it and not even post? 

You can create a month’s worth of MAGNETIC
Instagram content in just 3 hours.

Hold up, Shan.
So you’re saying…

✅ You can craft scroll-stopping headlines (easily!)

✅ You can create gripping captions that get a TON of engagement

✅ You can write CTA’s that make your ideal clients slide into the DM’s asking, “Ok, that recent post 🔥 tell me more about your program.”

that’s right!


A bundled pack of our signature content creation calendars, formulas and written-for-you captions.

Included in The Bingeworthy Bundle:




✔️Interactive Content Calendar

✔️6 Month Content Planner


✔️Top 5 Caption Formulas

✔️Content Creation Worksheets (per formula)

CAPTIVATING FORMULAS (examples included)

✔️Scroll-Stopping Headlines + Call to Actions

✔️25 Plug and Play Captions


Normally: $299

Normally: $199

Normally: $399

All of this for: $897


Whoa, really? 🤯 Yep! I love you. Let’s make 2020 YOUR year.

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Once you put the Bingeworthy Bundle into play

These are the messages you’ll get…

…And these are the results you’ll experience

Dream with me for a moment…

You’re meant for more

Are you in yet? →

What would happen if you showed up CONSISTENTLY on Instagram?

If you…

- Wrote captions that left your audience thinking, “Is she a mind reader?”
- Had a top-secret viral hack to get alllll of the shares, comments and saves
- Had your followers seeking out your profile to see if you posted anything new

I’ll tell you what would happen…

You’d become an AUTHORITY, someone that your audience knows, likes and trusts. 

You would begin selling easily in the DMs 🔜 Doubling your income 🔜 Scaling your business.

All of this begins with your Instagram content.

Ready to be bingeworthy?

Yesss bish! Give it to me

Created for you


Have we met yet?

Hey! I’m Shannon, Owner of The Social Bungalow & go-to Marketing Coach for female entrepreneurs ready to make BIG picture profit.

I said “peace out” to a 10-year corporate marketing career to pursue my passion of helping women market their expertise.

Before I said, “Smell ya later, nerd” to my V.P. of Marketing title, I had the honor of:

- Becoming a certified Copywriter
- Writing a weekly marketing article for Forbes &
- Working with L’Oreal, Access Hollywood, and The Ellen Degeneres Show
- With marketing access to Kendra Wilkinson, Alex Rodriguez, and Jennifer Lopez 

…And now, I want to give you copy-paste access to my methods + formulas. 

Wait… Just to be clear…

I DON’T have to obsess over Instagram and stay strapped to my desk to not miss out on a client opportunity…?

*reaches through screen & virtually shakes you*

GIRL, we got this!

You’re right, Shan. I’m ready!

“Working with Shannon taught me so much about building authentic relationships with my community. Her expertise is a combination of human psychology and marketing, that when combined, gives you everything you need to become a go-to authority in your space. My following has grown, the number of inquiries I’ve received has increased, and my community is continuously invested and engaged with my work.”

Pia beck, owner of @curatewellco

A’s to your Q’s

Will The Bingeworthy Bundle work for my niche? 

YEP! If your business or brand is focused on your client / customer / consumer, then it’s exactly what you need. I combine your ideal client’s needs, with your content pillars, and my caption writing formulas. This trifecta approach is applicable to any niche. 

Should I buy The Bingeworthy Bundle or Five Figure Instagram? 

Are you surprised that I’m going to say - BOTH! ;) 

Truly the courses can exist separately, but they do perfectly complement each other. FFI focuses on using Instagram as your main relationship-builder, lead-generator, and sales-converter via 4 DEEP modules on hashtags, IG stories, follower growth, and selling in the DMs. 

But, what is that ^ without scroll-stopping captions to support the sale. See what I mean? 

If you’re not obsessed with your content… Change it.

What happens once I purchase? 

You’ll be emailed access to your online dashboard. This beauty includes an additional writing training, your resources, how-to guides, and bonus replays of some hard-hitting content questions for people just like you. 

Ditch content overwhelm

How? The Bingeworthy Bundle is a proven system that will keep your content captivating, your schedule flexible, and your feed fresh so you can create an audience of raving fans.

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