An 8-week program to create and launch your evergreen funnel and welcome in consistent (automatic) sales. 


Are you ready to condense your sales process from months to days?

Is “get back my time AND scale my revenue” on your 2024 goal list? 

Inside of 8 Weeks to Evergreen you'll learn how to strategize your funnel, build your assets, and have it live in just 8 weeks. 

 THIS is the powerful edge you’ve been waiting for.

As an online business owner, have you been 👏 dreaming 👏 of sales coming in without every dollar being chained to your time?

The endless cycle of creating, promoting, and selling can be draining, leaving you craving a method that amplifies your earnings without the constant work.


Evergreen funnels are designed to work 24/7 365. 

Think of them as your little “sales footsoldier” who carries out the mission:  

🫡 Nurture the prospect, present the offer, and close the deal. 

Instead of YOU doing all the… well, doing… your winning evergreen funnel will help people buy from you, and buy faster.

Nurture the prospect, present the offer, and close the deal.

Let me know if this sounds familiar… 

Like when Ethan Craft, the hearthrob from Lizzie McGuire, revealed the secret to his luscious hair, “You know how a shampoo bottle says lather, rinse, repeat? …I don’t repeat”

What Ethan said ^ 👏

If you don’t consistently push out content your audience gets quiet & cold.

Suddenly there’s a lack of leads and sales are in slow motion…

Leaving you thinking, “How can I ever focus on anything other than content? Anytime I take my foot off the gas, my numbers and revenue dip down.”

Feeling frustrated you step into “reactionary-mode” - Selling a couple 1:1 clients to ensure things stay afloat. 

(But what you REALLY wanted to do was create and scale a new offer, uplevel your podcast, clean up the website, heck… update that dusty SOP from 2022.)

So, while you facilitate those 1:1s and try to pick up the energy on social media to ensure this drought doesn’t get worse… Aaand, time flies by. 

You wake up three months down the road and realize you still haven’t been able to work on that next era of your business.

You try to set aside the time, and… [content is lighter, audience is colder, sales are slower

It's time to break the cycle.

Generates new leads without YOU being actively involved in the process

Cuts down the time you need to show up on social media in order to sell

Creates a tailored journey for your customers that feels GOOD to receive

Automates the sales process so you can get back to doing what you love

Reclaims your time, mental whitespace, and creativity so you can show up as your FULL self

Brings in the passive income you crave (yes the “making money while on vacation” buzz-phrase is a REAL thing)


“I’m in my  passive income era ”

If you’re ready to say…

Here’s what an evergreen funnel will do for you…

All these desires point straight to Evergreen.

With 8 Weeks To Evergreen, you’ll start 2024 with a funnel that’s already working so you can hit your annual goals with ease.

Enjoy strategizing, asset building, and easy tech to take your funnel completely live by the end of this 8 week self-led program.

passive income era

How does a funnel work? And which offer is it best for?

Real Quick Tho:

& all of the other online offer types I forgot to mention. 😛

Great for

Awesome for

SO good for




Course, Template, Membership

VIP Day, Group Program, Intensive, Lower Tier Service

1:1 Coaching, DFY Service, Strategy or
Consulting, Mastermind

If “create a funnel” has been repeatedly pushed to the back of your ClickUp task list, THIS is your opportunity to build a tailored sales machine.

evergreen my offers

If you’re an online business owner sharing your expertise in the form of education, coaching, or done-for-you service… You can and SHOULD have an evergreen funnel for your offers.

For offers that are ever-enrolling (like a course), your evergreen funnel will nurture your audience via email and then sell your offer automatically.

For offers that have a capacity (like 1:1), your evergreen funnel will nurture your audience via email and then capture applications or waitlist sign ups automatically

So whether you want weekly sales, or you want weekly HOT leads, you’ll be able to secure their interest without your real-time effort (or losing them to a competitor / getting lost in the algorithm).

"I would 10 out of 10 recommend!" 

Alisha Kumar, Founder/Creative Director of The Social Project Inc

“I'm always ready to pick up whatever you have to offer. Regardless of whether I’ll need it at that moment or not, I'm like, ‘Oh, she’s launching. Okay, I gotta get it.' Because I WILL end up needing it either for myself or for my clients.’”

“I cannot really put into words how much coming into like The Social Bungalow sphere has literally changed my business in a huge way."


From the point of purchase to communication to customer service, everything is so streamlined and everything is very frictionless.”


8 evergreen funnel creation trainings

Lifetime access to curriculum for step-by-step rewatching

3 pre-done funnel strategies (one for low, mid, and high ticket!)

The Passive Income Bonus Stack

8 Weeks to Evergreen

Allow me to introduce you to…

An experience that combines week-by-week curriculum with what’s-working-NOW insights to help you nail your lead magnet, email copy, offer presentation, and simple tech setup in a matter of weeks.

Walk in with an expertise, walk out with an expertly crafted funnel.

All to create one thing:

An evergreen funnel that will sell for you over and over again.

8 step-by-step funnel trainings:

Pick & Optimize Your Offer for Evergreen and Begin Storyboarding Your Customer Experience.

We’ll kick off Week 1 by discussing the process of conducting audits for your past content, selecting the most strategic funnel to build, establishing a northstar narrative for your messaging, and developing catnip copy through storyboarding techniques.

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

We’ll kick off Week 1 by discussing the process of conducting audits for your past content, selecting the most strategic funnel to build, establishing a northstar narrative for your messaging, and developing catnip copy through storyboarding techniques.

Funnel Journey Mapping

This week we’ll outline your funnel to determine your lead magnet type, email flowpoints, and authentic urgency sales strategy. 

With the storyboard done and the flow established - It’s time to start building the assets!  You’ll create an irresistible lead magnet that grabs your audience's attention, complete with a landing page that converts visitors into opt ins giving your funnel consistent leads.

Now that your leads have entered the funnel, it’s time to craft emails that get opened. Creating genuine intrigue, maintaining consistent energy, and strategically creating touch points that become cash conversations, you’ll have an audience that’s eagerly awaiting your next email. 

Sales Page, Checkout, Application Optimization

Need to up your sales page game? OR create more “gotta have it” intrigue on your checkout? How about applications that inspire GREAT answers + pre-suaded commitment?  This is the week to button up your evergreen funnel’s “final boss”!
Learn what’s working in the sales process in ‘23-24 (and what’s NOT).

step 6

step 7

step 8

Irresistible Lead Magnet & Landing Pages

Tech Talk 1:  How to Get Your Pre-Purchase Assets to Speak to Each Other

You’ve built your funnel assets, now it’s time to get them to seamlessly speak to one another. Our guest teacher Brooke will go through step-by-step funnel builds.  Trust me - tech’s never been so simple! Discussing: Landing pages, forms, email automations, tagging, deadline funnel

Tech Talk 2:  How to Get Your Purchase Assets to Speak to Each Other

Picking up where we left off, let’s detonate those onboarding assets for new purchasers! Brooke will guide you step-by-step through an excellent customer experience.  Discussing: Checkout process OR application process, granting access to offer, onboarding flow, deploying an upsell/downsell, cross-selling to another offer

We guide you through testing out your assets, how to read the performance data, and optimize! That way your funnel can be continuously bettered with SIMPLE & minor tweaks. + Our metrics tracking insights to show you what numbers to collect, how to read the data, industry averages, and  what to do about any rises or dips.  By the end of this week, you'll be fully equipped to confidently launch your evergreen funnel!

Catnip Copy Emails

enroll now

step 5

step 2

Testing, Optimization, and Going Live

step 8

step 7


Passive Income Bonus Stack

bonus one

Pre-Done Upsell/
Downsell Strategy

(Value of $900)

Pick more money off the table with this pre-done upsell AND downsell flow. Simply attach this “tail” of emails and sales assets to your main funnel so that you can increase the purchases from your new customers (upsell), OR secure the sale of a different offer from those who declined (downsell) . 

bonus two

Using Automations to Onboard with Ease & Excellence

(Value of $500)

Learn how to deploy automations + customizations in your client onboarding to BEST utilize Dubsado or Honeybook.

bonus three

Our Proven ShowIt Landing Page Template

(Value of $650)

Use this template to begin designing your lead magnet’s landing page(s)!

We're taking your experience to the next level with a dedicated set of conversion-driven copy templates and strategic Q&A replays!

Plus these ADDED exclusive bonuses!

(8) Weekly Q&A Replays: 

(8 REPLAYS at $800 value each) 

Gain insights from Shannon within the replays of these weekly Q&A sessions, addressing unique funnel and business questions + asset reviewals.

Professionally Crafted Copy Templates for Landing Pages & Emails:

(value of $3,600)

You know those pre-done funnel strategy templates you’re getting… How about we also provide accompanying landing page and email copy templates for EACH? Whaaat!? 🤯 YES! Done-for-you copy templates for the low, mid, high ticket funnels AND the BONUS upsell/downsell funnel. This is MAJOR! 

Get these bonus resources to maximize your evergreen success.

Over $10k worth of VIP bonuses is YOURS for only $840 ⤵️

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✔️ 8 Training Videos + 8 Q&A Replays

✔️ 4 Pre-Done Funnel Flows (low, mid, and high ticket, + upsell/downsell)

Copy Templates for Each of the Pre-Done Funnels + Upsell/Downsell bonus + ShowIt Template + Onboarding with Ease 


🔥pay in full🔥

payment plan


3 payments of

✔️ 8 Training Videos + 8 Q&A Replays

✔️ 4 Pre-Done Funnel Flows (low, mid, and high ticket, + upsell/downsell)

Copy Templates for Each of the Pre-Done Funnels + Upsell/Downsell bonus + ShowIt Template + Onboarding with Ease 

one payment of


Hey, I’m Shannon!

7-figure serialprenuer, digital marketing expert & online business strategist for service pros, coaches & course creators

MEET your funnel guides

As a former done-for-you marketer turned educator and business owner x2, I’ve grown my own brand from $0 to 7-figures within two years and have mentored more than 2,500 online entrepreneurs to build their own 6-7 figure businesses.

Now, using a secret menu of upsells/downsells for each of our core offers, The Social Bungalow maintains 7-figure brand status while working with only a fraction of the clients as our competitors. (I love making an impact for the masses, but I prefer to go deep with few and make a substantial difference!)

From expanding into agencies, buying other businesses, creating e-com lines, authoring books, retiring their partners, and more…I’ve helped my students create thriving online businesses that support the life they’ve always dreamed of—if you want it, we can get it

Hi there, I'm Brooke!

I specialize in Operations & Integration. My focus is on the inner workings of businesses, including operations, technology, workflows, systems, and funnels. My ultimate goal is to assist businesses in restoring, optimizing, and streamlining their client delivery processes.

In my daily operations, I take charge of both internal and external aspects of my clients' businesses. My aim is to enable them to return to their zones of genius and break free from the overwhelming challenges that hinder them from doing what they truly love.

I work with a diverse range of entrepreneurs, from advertising and funnel agencies to coaches, consultants, and service providers. My mission revolves around empowering women in business to create efficient and enviable processes. I strive to achieve this by eliminating wasted time and resources through the implementation of lean fundamentals and process improvement routines to maintain operational efficiency and streamline their business operations.

sign me up

What students are saying...

You’ve never built a funnel before, but you have a proven expertise that can help people, and you’d like to get off of the cold DMing carousel.

You’ve had a couple of false starts on funnels and you’re ready for THIS to be the one that works.

You’re mostly a live launcher, but want to incorporate this strategy (and yes you can repurpose your launch assets!)

You have a funnel but it’s performing “so-so”. You’d like to go through this experience to learn my methods, update your funnel, and build out additional funnels.

You know there’s more money to be made with upsells and downsells, and want to deploy this strategy to increase your overall profit.


8 Weeks to Evergreen is for you if...

Read through and lmk which one you are

A completed funnel made to generate passive income from an audience who is hot and responsive 

Total tech confidence with “Wow… I’ve never seen it explained so simply!” breakdowns

Access to insider secrets around authentic urgency through live events, seasonal specials, and group sales calls (goodbye bro-energy funnels)

Clarity on how to strike the balance between nurturing, teaching, and pitching without overwhelming or alienating your leads

The ability to scale revenue beyond $15k months (& continue growing from there)

And you’re ready to walk away from this 8-week sprint with:

Our program will guide you through selecting the right softwares, crafting irresistible lead magnets, and pinpointing your unique selling proposition. We'll also walk you through integrating your funnel strategically to ensure a seamless customer journey from start to finish. So.. getting started? We’ve got you covered, and then some!

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—  I’m starting from scratch, what do I do?

— Can I use the same funnel for different offers, or should I segment them?

Nope, you’ll create one funnel for one offer. But the AWESOME thing about 8 Weeks to Evergreen is that you have lifetime access to materials (ie. as long 8 Weeks to Evergreen is included within our course portal, you'll have access to it). Go back and rewatch them to build out your second offer’s funnel… OH AND you have those handy-dandy pre-done funnel strategies (and copy templates if you pay in full) So you'll be able build out one funnel within 8 weeks time, then you can circle back to build out others. The ROI of this program is major.

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How do I know when my offer is ready for evergreen, and how do I optimize it?

There are only two things you need in order to be ready for a sales funnel - 

You have an expertise that delivers the promised results to happy clients

You have shared content on the topic of your offer and seen what works and what doesn’t

That’s it, you’re ready!

“Whoa really? I thought a sales funnel is something I have to work towards and be ready for ‘one day, someday’ once I’ve sold my offer enough?” 

Nope. We can (and should) create an evergreen funnel for your current 1:1 work.

Imagine if you created a funnel for your 1:1, began converting clients automatically, and only filled your roster to your desired capacity… and THEN added on more to your business.
Doing things the right way the first time is an incredible advantage.

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— Do I need to live launch first?

The goal of that advice (I.e. “launch before you evergreen”) is to get you data on what works when promoting your offer so that you can have success with your funnel ASAP.

Which is completely true! BUT if a launch is an intimidating barrier to entry for you, and you would much rather create an evergreen sales system and drive your audience towards it, then you should!

Seriously hear me on this: The ONLY goal of the “launch first” advice is to ensure you have enough data on what works and what doesn’t.

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— I attempted a funnel before and it flopped, what’s different about this program? 

*cracks knuckles* I love this question. 

Real talk: I have people DM me all the time and say, “I took so-and-so’s offer and I didn’t like it, what’s different about yours?” But, I haven’t taken my competitor’s offers. That’d be weird and unnecessary. So I don’t know what frameworks they teach, but what I can tell you is that most commonly in our online space I see people focus on building their funnel “in a vacuum”.

Instead, I teach a bird’s eye view strategy that incorporates the entire customer journey: From your pre-suade content (I call this “sticky content web”), authentic urgency that doesn’t feel like bro marketing, upsells and downsells (it’s actually WAY simple and highly profitable), and cross-sell opportunities to ensure one email subscriber can get auto-sold your entire offer suite over the span of 6-12 months.

I like to build an evergreen funnel holistically, rooted in the humanness of your people, and in a way that’s made to last so you’re not rebuilding in a few months from now.

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— What if I’m not techy?

I hear ya, tech can be boring and frustrating. Which is why I’ve packed this program with “no non-techy friend left behind” support measures:

Brooke has recorded some course videos to get you started with ease, so that you feel in control of your platforms & the upcoming process.

We’re doing step-by-step trainings to ensure everything is slow and simple. AND we’re doing so in multiple different softwares so you can see how different platforms work and speak to each other.

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— Do I need to already have a decent-sized or warm email list?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you have an on-again-off-again relationship with your email list, and that’s ok. Your current list size is irrelevant to building out an evergreen funnel that’s going to nurture and convert new prospects.

But a GREAT perk of an evergreen funnel is that it will grow your email list, and is set up to automatically email them once they opt in.

< back to Questions

— How long do I have access to the program for?

You have lifetime access to the program!

What does that mean? 

As long as the program is still provided within our course portal, you will have access to all of its resource. If we decide to discontinue the program, we will send you an email 6 months before the program expires to allow you enough time to download any resources and consume what you'd like before it goes away forever. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ 8 evergreen funnel creation trainings 
✅ Lifetime access to curriculum for step-by-step rewatching
✅ A private community with think-tank style connection
✅ 3 pre-done funnel strategies (one for low, mid, and high ticket!)
✅ The Passive Income Bonus Stack:
⭐ Pre-Done Upsell/Downsell Strategy
⭐ Using Automations to Onboard with Excellence & Ease
⭐ Our Proven ShowIt Landing Page Template
⭐ 8 Weekly Q&A Replays
⭐ Professionally Crafted Copy Templates for Landing Pages & Emails

Ready to partner up to create an evergreen funnel that sells FOR you?


8 weeks to evergreen includes:


✔️ 8 Training Videos + 8 Q&A Replays

✔️ 4 Pre-Done Funnel Flows (low, mid, and high ticket, + upsell/downsell)

Copy Templates for Each of the Pre-Done Funnels + Upsell/Downsell bonus + ShowIt Template + Onboarding with Ease 


🔥pay in full🔥

payment plan

✔️ 8 Training Videos + 8 Q&A Replays

✔️ 4 Pre-Done Funnel Flows (low, mid, and high ticket, + upsell/downsell)

Copy Templates for Each of the Pre-Done Funnels + Upsell/Downsell bonus + ShowIt Template + Onboarding with Ease 

one payment of


3 payments of


Creating your own high-converting evergreen funnel that has applications and sales coming in on autopilot allows you to make 2024 YOUR year. 

Right now, if your business feels heavy, and YOU have to perform constantly.

Evergreen lightens the load.


EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Your level of success in attaining the results from using our products, services, and information depends on, but is not limited to, the time you devote to the program(s) and courses, ideas and techniques used, your preexisting knowledge, paid advertisements and their budget, your team of support or employees, various skills, business savvy, network, and financial situation. While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent all the products and services reviewed on this website and their potential for income, earnings and income statements made by The Social Bungalow, LLC and its advertisers / sponsors are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn.